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Tamil epic Silappadikaram mentioned Soma Yaga for the first time in Tmil literature. Though earlier Purananuru of Sangam period mentioned Rajasuya Yagam, there is no mention of Soma juice; but it is known that Soma juice is used in Rajasuyam as well. Cholza king Perunarkilli performed Rajasuyam and invited Pandya king and Chera king as guests. Great woman poet of Tamil literature Avvaiyar also was there as a guest. She parised the Tamil unity (Purananuru verse 367), which is rare; Tamils were the only community in the world who fought among themselves continuously for at least 1400 years.It is in Sangam literature and later Tamil Inscriptions.
Matala Maraiyon, the Brahmin pilgrim, was a good friend of Cheran Senkuttuvan. He advised him to perform Raja suya according to Prof V R Ramachandra Dikshitar ( see page 378, The Cilappatikaram , Kazakam publishing, 1939 and 1978)
In Natukar Katai of Vanjik Kandam in the book, the achivements of king’s forefathers are listed. One of his ancestors brought the Catukkaputam unto Vanchi (the capital of Cera country) from Indra’s capital city Amaravati and performed Soma Yaga. Sanskrit word ‘Madhu’ is used by Ilanko, author of Silappadikaram (Cilappatikaram),which is used in Vedas for honey and sweet Soma juice as well.
Commentators are very clear in interpreting the world ‘Madhu’ as Soma juice.

Adi Shankara quotes Hari Vamsa (an apendix of Mahabharata)
Adi Shankara wrote a commentary on Vishnu Sahasranama, the oldest and the most famous Sahasranama.
Sahsranama is written for all Hindu Gods, giving 1000/Sahasra great attributes of God.
For the 974th name of Vishnu , ‘Yajnanga’, Adi Shankara gives the following comment:–
“All the parts of His body as the Incarnate Cosmic Boar (Varaha Avatar) are identified with the parts of a Yajna (Fire Sacrifice). So He is known by this name. Hari vamsa 3-34-34 to 41 says:-
Supreme Lord is Yajna (sacrifice)
Vedas = Feet
Sacrificial Post/Yupa= Molar
Sacrificial Rites= Arms
Fire = Tongue
Darbha grass= Hair
Brahma = Head
Day and Night (Sun, Moon) – Two Eyes
Six Veda Angas = Ear ornaments
Ghee = Nose
Sruvas/laddle= Mouth
Sama Veda= His Voice
Dharma and Truth = Two arms/hands
His activities = Foot steps
Penance= Nails
Vedic Chants= Intestines
Sacrificial Act = Sex Organ
(two woods are used in churning out fire)
Herbs= His Seed
Atmosphere= His soul
Mantras= His Hind Parts
Sacrificial Pits= Shouder
Sacrificial Beast= Knees
Sacrificial Offering = incense
Havya, Kavya = His great Speed
Pragvamsa = His Body
(Praagvamsa= Retiring quarter of the sacrificer)
Sacrificial Gift/Dakshina= Heart
He is a Yogi endowed with the wholesacrifice as His Being
Subsidiary Rites= His lips and teeth
Pravargya= Pores
Vedic Metres = His Routes/paths
Secret Upanishads= His Buttocks
His Shadow= His wife
He shines like a peak of Mount Meru.

These verses give the ful picture of a Vedic Sacrifice. The importance of Soma is emphasized by comparing it with God’s blood. One can easily see that it is a holy substance and not a narcotic drug as projected by Marxists and Max Muller Gangs.
My Comments:
One may be suprised to see the comparison between buttocks and Upanishads. Vedic Yajnas are done in sitting posture and one is prohibited in showing his buttocks, so secretive are Upanishads. Even when we go to see God in the temple or a saint in an Ashram, we step backwards slowly and turn when we are out of sight of god or saint. One is not allowed to show his backside. Only practising Hindus know this. It is very important that we read the interpretation of great saints and not the beef eating foreigners.


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