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In the days of Mussolini’s higher prestige, it is said that he was once stranded in a small town due to the breaking down of his automobile. He went into a local cinema. When his picture appeared on the screen every one rose but he remains seated. The manager of the theatre came forward, tapped him on the shoulder, whispering in his ear, I feel the same way but you would better stand up. It is safer.




Calamy, the celebrated Presbyterian minister, on one occasion objected to Cromwell assuming supreme power as Protector, as being in his opinion, both unlawful and Impracticable. Cromwell observed, he cared little about the lawfulness; but why may I ask you is it impracticable?

OH! Observed the divine. It is Impracticable inasmuch as it is against the voice of the people; you will have nine in ten against you.

Very well, sir, replied Cromwell, but what if I should disarm the nine and put the sword into the tenth man’s hand; would that not do the business, think you?

The events which succeeded proved that Cromwell not only entertained the, opinion he thus expressed, but that he also acted upon it.



Frank Gannet, American newspaper publisher, spent three hours one afternoon in No.10, Downing Street, where prime minister Stanley Baldwin cocked his feet on an old fashioned roll top desk, smoked pipe after pipe, and opened his mind to Gannet. Baldwin had already announced in the House of Commons that the frontier of Britain was on the Rhine.

What do you intend to do about that man across the Rhine? Gannet asked.


  • If a python gets out of a cage, replied Baldwin, one man would be a fool to try alone in to get him back. But several men can get him back without much trouble No, we are not going to tackle him alone.



In Italy the underground wiseacres are asking

What is the difference between Christianity and fascism?

The answer is,

In Christianity one man sacrifice s himself for all. Under Fascism all men sacrifice themselves for one.



Mussolini dies and went to Heaven. He received a tremendous ovation. Millions of angels sang and praised him. He was given a crown and put on a great throne. Looking around he was surprised to notice that his crown and his throne were bigger than those of God the Father. Even he was unprepared for this. How is it?he asked of God .

You are greater than I, said God respectfully.

I gave your people one day of fasting a week. You have given them seven. I gave them faith. You have taken it away.



In the year when the 20th anniversary of Fascism was celebrated; a stranger was riding through the streets of Naples in a carriage.

They passed a bakery and he saw a great mob of people storming place. He asked the driver about it, and the cabby, afraid to speak, said that it was a film being made. Not much farther along another mob of people was seen outside a grocery.

What is that? Asked the stranger

The second scene, said the driver.

Further along a similar mob was besieging a butcher.

Without waiting to be asked, the cab driver said,

This is the third scene.

What the name of the picture, anyway? asked the passenger.

Twenty years after, said the driver.


When that late and noble statesman Neville Chamberlain, was about to start from the fatal Munich conference, Herr Hitler said to him

Mr chamberlain, would you be so kind as to give me your umbrella for a keepsake?

No, no, said chamberlain, I can’t do that.

But Mr chamberlain, it would mean so much to me. I request it of you, please!

I am sorry. I can’t oblige you, said chamberlain

Hitter flew into a rage. I insist, he screamed stamping on the prime minister’s foot.

No, said, chamberlain firmly, it is impossible. You see, the umbrella is mine.




Astrologer’s Prediction to Adolf Hitler!


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An astrologer foretold the death of a lady whom Louis XI passionately loved. She did, in fact, die; and the King imagined that the prediction of the astrologer was the cause of it. He sent for the man intending have him thrown through the window, as a punishment.

“Tell me, you pretend to be so clever and learned a man, what your fate will be?”

The soothsayer, who suspected the intrigues of the King and knew his weakness, replied: “Sir, I foresee that I shall die three days before Your Majesty”

The king believed him, and was careful of the astrologer’s life.


Angry Hitler

Adolf Hitler is known to frequent astrologers, soothsayers and others to know his future. A certain astrologer was asked by him, “On what day will I die?”

After studying his charts, the astrologer announced, “You will die on a Jewish Holiday”.

Much perturbed, Hitler demanded, “Which one?”

“I do not know”, replied the astrologer.

Hitler became very angry, “You must know”, he shouted, “I insist upon the truth”.

“I do not know”, persisted the astrologer, “because any day you die will be a Jewish Holiday”.


(Following ‘Saints versus Planets’ was posted by me on June 8, 2014 along with other stories)

Saints versus Planets

A Story by Swami Ramdas
Following story is from “Stories as told by Swami Ramdas”:–

An itinerant saint came to a certain place along with his young disciple. The routine was that the disciple should go for alms (Bhiksha), and after collecting sufficient provisions come back to the Guru. Both would then cook food from the provisions thus secured and satisfy the hunger.

As usual, the disciple, who was yet a boy, started in the morning on his daily Bhiksha (going for alms). When he was passing through a lane he was called by an astrologer who sat on the Verandah of his house waiting for customers. Having had no customers till then and finding no work to do he asked the boy to sit by his side. Taking that moment as the basis, the astrologer studied the planets governing the life of the boy and found out that the boy, according to his reading, should die next day. The astrologer told this anticipated event to the boy.

The boy hearing the prediction of the astrologer was thoroughly frightened. He could not collect the Bhiksha for the day, but hurriedly went back to his Guru. With tears in his eyes he told his Master about the dire prediction of the astrologer. Then the guru calmly replied: “Look here my boy, nothing is going to happen to you tomorrow. You will be alright.” He kept the boy with him the whole day. On the following day the boy was asked to go for Bhiksha in the usual course. The boy again happened to go through the same lane in which the astrologer lived. The astrologer was astounded to find him alive contrary to his prediction. He called the boy, asked him who his Guru was, and expressed a wish to have his Darshan.

Accordingly, led by the boy, the astrologer went to the saint whose disciple the boy was. The boy introduced the astrologer to his Guru. The saint looked at the astrologer and said, “You freighted my disciple unnecessarily. Do you think he will meet with any harm so long as he is under my protection? It was unwise of you to have upset the mind of the boy by saying that he would die yesterday”
Such is the power of the saints.

Aryan Hitler and Hindu Swastika


By S swaminathan

The biggest victim of Aryan Racist theory was the authors of the theory. Westerners made up this theory to divide the world and win them by hook or crook. But it cost them 60 million lives in the World War II. Hitler used this theory to kill 5 lakhs Hindu Gypsies and 6 million Jews. In total 60 million people lost their lives including several thousand Indian soldiers. Hitler claimed Germans belonged to the purest Aryan race and to maintain that purity it was necessary to get rid of others or subjugate them. He used the holy SWASTIKA symbol of Hindus in his flag. He held it the as victorious Aryan symbol.


When the Westerners realised their blunder, they buried their own racist theory deep under the earth- once bitten twice shy. But the Indians are still playing with the poisonous cobra of Aryan Dravidian theory. Perhaps they will also bury it only when they lose crores of lives. Aryan Dravidian theory has no basis and it was no where mentioned in our ancient Tamil and Sanskrit literature.


Swastika and the Hindus

Sanskrit word swasti means auspicious. It has been used for thousands of years by the Hindus for Good Luck. Swastika seals were discovered in the Indus valley. Thousands of Indian inscriptions begin with the word Swasti. Swastika was seen in ancient drawings which were ten thousand years old. Europeans called it a solar symbol. Swastika gives protection from evil eye. Business people drew it on the walls in their shops. Marriage invitations were printed with swastika symbol. Brahmin boys’ heads were shaved before their sacred thread ceremony and swastika was drawn on their heads. But Germans’ wrong usage earned the holy symbol a very bad name.



Hitler about Swastika


In 1920 Hitler decided that the Nazi Party needed its own insignia and flag. For Hitler, the new flag had to be “a symbol of our own struggle” as well as “highly effective as a poster.” (Mein Kampf, pg. 495)

On August 7, 1920, at the Salzburg Congress, the red flag with a white circle and black swastika became the official emblem of the Nazi Party.


In Mein Kampf, Hitler described the Nazis’ new flag: “In red we see the social idea of the movement, in white the nationalistic idea, in the swastika the mission of the struggle for the victory of the Aryan man, and, by the same token, the victory of the idea of creative work, which as such always has been and always will be anti-Semitic.” (pg. 496-497)

Because of the Nazis’ flag, the swastika soon became a symbol of hate, anti Semitism, violence, death, and murder.




Brahmin boy with Swastika on head.

Pure Aryan Race

Aryan Race theory was like a King Cobra. If you feed it with milk of hatred and division it would kill thousands of people with its poison. That is what happened in World War II. Hitler boasted about Aryan pure blood. He blamed Jews for the down fall of Germany. He told the world that they were of inferior race. He told the Germans the reason for their defeat in World War I was mixing of pure Aryan blood with inferior races. He devoted one chapter for Aryan Race in his book. This is what he said in his diary:


The Aryan Race

Extracted from Mein Kampf, volume 1, chapter 11, Race and People


‘’ History furnishes us with innumerable instances that prove this law. It shows, with a startling clarity, that whenever Aryans have mingled their blood with that of an inferior race the result has been the downfall of the people who were the standard-bearers of a higher culture.’’


‘’ Every manifestation of human culture, every product of art, science and technical skill, which we see before our eyes to-day, is almost exclusively the product of the Aryan creative power. This very fact fully justifies the conclusion that it was the Aryan alone who founded a superior type of humanity; therefore he represents the architype of what we understand by the term: MAN. He is the Prometheus of mankind.’’


Indus seals with Swastika

‘’If we divide mankind into three categories – founders of culture, bearers of culture, and destroyers of culture – the Aryan alone can be considered as representing the first category. It was he who laid the groundwork and erected the walls of every great structure in human culture. Only the shape and colour of such structures are to be attributed to the individual characteristics of the various nations. It is the Aryan who has furnished the great building-stones and plans for the edifices of all human progress;


The Aryan neglected to maintain his own racial stock unmixed and therewith lost the right to live in the paradise which he himself had created. He became submerged in the racial mixture and gradually lost his cultural creativeness’’


‘’The readiness to sacrifice one’s personal work and, if necessary, even one’s life for others shows its most highly developed form in the Aryan race. The greatness of the Aryan is not based on his intellectual powers, but rather on his willingness to devote all his faculties to the service of the community’’.


Aryan Racist theory created one Hitler in the Western world and several thousand pseudo historians in India. India is the only country in the world which still uses the books written hundreds of years ago by their foreign rulers. All other countries have re written their history books with their glorious past heritage. Like Hitler used Aryan Race theory in politics to gain power, Indian regional political parties are still using it to win in the elections.


French emperor Napoleon was killed by a slow poison called arsenic. Only when the French examined his hair after death, they came to know what the British did to him in the isolated island prison. They have mixed such a slow killing poison in Indian history and politics. It is time for Indians to wake up.



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