More Dictator Anecdotes (Post No.3683)

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Date: 2 March 2017


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In the days of Mussolini’s higher prestige, it is said that he was once stranded in a small town due to the breaking down of his automobile. He went into a local cinema. When his picture appeared on the screen every one rose but he remains seated. The manager of the theatre came forward, tapped him on the shoulder, whispering in his ear, I feel the same way but you would better stand up. It is safer.




Calamy, the celebrated Presbyterian minister, on one occasion objected to Cromwell assuming supreme power as Protector, as being in his opinion, both unlawful and Impracticable. Cromwell observed, he cared little about the lawfulness; but why may I ask you is it impracticable?

OH! Observed the divine. It is Impracticable inasmuch as it is against the voice of the people; you will have nine in ten against you.

Very well, sir, replied Cromwell, but what if I should disarm the nine and put the sword into the tenth man’s hand; would that not do the business, think you?

The events which succeeded proved that Cromwell not only entertained the, opinion he thus expressed, but that he also acted upon it.



Frank Gannet, American newspaper publisher, spent three hours one afternoon in No.10, Downing Street, where prime minister Stanley Baldwin cocked his feet on an old fashioned roll top desk, smoked pipe after pipe, and opened his mind to Gannet. Baldwin had already announced in the House of Commons that the frontier of Britain was on the Rhine.

What do you intend to do about that man across the Rhine? Gannet asked.


  • If a python gets out of a cage, replied Baldwin, one man would be a fool to try alone in to get him back. But several men can get him back without much trouble No, we are not going to tackle him alone.



In Italy the underground wiseacres are asking

What is the difference between Christianity and fascism?

The answer is,

In Christianity one man sacrifice s himself for all. Under Fascism all men sacrifice themselves for one.



Mussolini dies and went to Heaven. He received a tremendous ovation. Millions of angels sang and praised him. He was given a crown and put on a great throne. Looking around he was surprised to notice that his crown and his throne were bigger than those of God the Father. Even he was unprepared for this. How is it?he asked of God .

You are greater than I, said God respectfully.

I gave your people one day of fasting a week. You have given them seven. I gave them faith. You have taken it away.



In the year when the 20th anniversary of Fascism was celebrated; a stranger was riding through the streets of Naples in a carriage.

They passed a bakery and he saw a great mob of people storming place. He asked the driver about it, and the cabby, afraid to speak, said that it was a film being made. Not much farther along another mob of people was seen outside a grocery.

What is that? Asked the stranger

The second scene, said the driver.

Further along a similar mob was besieging a butcher.

Without waiting to be asked, the cab driver said,

This is the third scene.

What the name of the picture, anyway? asked the passenger.

Twenty years after, said the driver.


When that late and noble statesman Neville Chamberlain, was about to start from the fatal Munich conference, Herr Hitler said to him

Mr chamberlain, would you be so kind as to give me your umbrella for a keepsake?

No, no, said chamberlain, I can’t do that.

But Mr chamberlain, it would mean so much to me. I request it of you, please!

I am sorry. I can’t oblige you, said chamberlain

Hitter flew into a rage. I insist, he screamed stamping on the prime minister’s foot.

No, said, chamberlain firmly, it is impossible. You see, the umbrella is mine.