Swami’s Cross word 12419 (Post No.6258)

Written  by London swaminathan


Date: 12 April 2019

British Summer Time uploaded in London – 20-32

Post No. 6258

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1.Vyasa entrusted the work of teaching Yajurveda to tis saint

7.That which has no end; Draupadi had a vessel in this name to feed innumerable people.

8.Type of dance

10.Mango grove in Sanskrit

11.suffix with Kerala Kings; Pallava Kings

12. Holy, sacred, pure in Sanskrit

14.bulloc cart race

16. forest

17.air, wind in Sanskrit

18.Sun; one of the Surya Namaaskaar names


2.word for untimely

1.Demon killed by Indra in the Vedas

3.dark complexioned, dusky; name of Durga

4. – continuation, succession; used in

5. – that which is not separated

6.- that which is not equal; uneven

9.- dictionary of synonyms in Sanskrit

11.Division in Sanskrit


14.Vedic Hindus revolted against this tyrant and killed him.