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There had been a series of severe electrical storm s In Oorange, New Jersey and the vestrymen of a certain church in that town had discussed the advisability of placing lightning rods on the edifice. So they went on to call Thomas Edison, the inventor, to get his opinion.

“I think, Sir”, said their spokesperson, “the lightning rods are a mighty good thing on a building. What do you think?”
“What sort of building is this ?” Asked Edison impatiently.

“A church”.

“By all means put them on”, said the great inventor.
“You know Provident is absent minded sometimes”.


Harpo Marx is not a religious man. He has never entered a synagogue but once since his Bar Mitzvah. On this occasion he entered a synagogue in search of his bootlegger. He got his pocket picked.


Bar mitzvah is a Jewish coming of age ritual for boys. Bat mitzvah is a Jewish coming of age ritual for girls. The plural is b’nai mitzvah for boys, and b’not mitzvah for girls. 


President , I am not sure, but God will be there!

One day the telephone in the office of the Rector of  President

 Roosevelt ‘s Washington Church rang and an eager voice said,

“Tell me, do you expect the president to be in church this Sunday?”
That, the rector explained patiently,
“I can’t promise. However, God will be there and that will be incentive enough for a reasonably large attendance”.



In a small Scottish church, a sexton was painstakingly pursuing his duties, seeing that everyone had his place and was properly quiet during the sermon.

In a small Scottish church, a sexton was painstakingly pursuing his duties, seeing that everyone had his place and was properly quiet during the sermon.

Suddenly he spied an old Scots woman with an ear trumpet. Being unfamiliar with this device, he hurried over to her and in a low tone said,
One toot and you are oot. (OUT)

ear trumpet


  1. a trumpet-shaped device formerly used as a hearing aid.


In the later years of his ministry, the southern preacher Jerome D Engel, became slightly hard of hearing. A legend has it that at one service during the announcement period, Engel informed the congregation about new hymnal S which were being ordered and which were to be purchased individually by the congregation. When he had finished the announcement, the Deacon of the church rose to remind the audience that the following Sunday was the regular day for the baptism of infants.

Engel, not hearing clearly, and thinking that the deacon had made reference to the books, hastily added,

All you who haven’t any , can get as many as you want, by calling on me, at 75 cent a piece.



A woman engaged an Irish maid from the city to serve at her country estate. The girl was a devout catholic and suffered from the fact that the only church of any description within reach of her new place of employment was a Christian Science temple. Feeling the necessity to worship in somewise she at last attended service there . Upon her return her employer asked

“Well, Mary, how did you like the Christian Science services?”

“Faith, said Mary, it was mighty quare. I went in and sat down and after a time a man on one side of the church got up and told what Mary Baker Eddy had done for him. Then another man got up and told what Mary Baker eddy done for him. And next a woman in front of me got up and told what Mary Baker eddy done for her, and it went on until I couldn’t it stand it any longer and I got right up and told what Lydia E Pinkham had done for me”.

Lydia Pinkham



Lydia Estes Pinkham was the inventor and marketer of an herbal-alcoholic “women’s tonic” for menstrual and menopausal problems, which some dismissed as a quack remedy, but which is still on sale today in a modified form

Xxxxsubham xxxx

Xxxxsubham xxxx

God is Wild Fire, Guru is a Lamp! (Post No.3852)

Written by London swaminathan

Date: 26 APRIL 2017

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Why do we need a Guru? A spiritual teacher. Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and an anonymous Tamil poets give different answers.


An anonymous Tamil poet in the Tamil didactic work Neethi Venpa says:

God is like wild fire and Guru is like a lamp. When we need heat, and fire we don’t go to wild fire. We just use the lamp to drive darkness or light another lamp or to get fire to light the oven or gas stove. God’s grace is everywhere, but not all of us can use it. A little lamp can be used by every one. Gurus are like the lamps, easily accessible and usable.

Chess Game and Guru

Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa says,

At a game of chess, the on-lookers ca tell what the correct move is, better than the players themselves. Men of the world think that they are very clever, but they are attached to the things of the world – money, honours sense pleasures etc. As they are actually engaged in the play, it is hard for them to hit upon the right move.


Holy men who have given up the world are not attached to worldly objects. They are like the on-lookers at a game of chess.  They see things in their true light and can judge men better than the men of the world. Hence, in living the holy life, one must put faith only in the words of those who meditate upon god and who have realised Him. If you seek legal advice, will you not consult lawyers who are in the profession? Surely you will not take the advice of the man in the street.


Single Guru is a Must:

What is the necessity of calling a particular man our Guru instead of  calling everyone who teaches us something by that designation? When going to a strange country, one must abide by the  directions of the guide who knows the way. Taking the advice of many would lead to utter confusion. So in trying to reach God one must implicitly follow the advice of one single guru who knows the way to God.


24 Upa Gurus!

The Guru is only one but Upa Gurus (subsidiary teachers) may be many. He is an Upa guru from anything whatsoever is learned. The Great Avadhuta, (an ascetic of a high order in the Bhagavata) had 24 such upa gurus.


–Subham —

40 Important Quotations from the Atharva Veda!


Compiled by london swaminathan
Post No. 1016; Dated 2nd May 2014.

(Vedas are four: Rik, Yajur, Sama and Athrva. The Fourth Veda Atharva Veda is divided into 20 books (Kanda). Atharva Veda consists of approximately 750 hymns and they have around 6000 verses. I have already given the important quotation from the Atharva Veda in Tamil)

1.May the earth be peaceful,
May the atmosphere be peaceful,
May the medicinal herbs be peaceful
May all shining objects be peaceful,
May all the enlightened persons be peaceful
May all the actions be peaceful. By these peace
May we alleviate that which is terrific here
That which is cruel here,
That which is sin here,
That has been calmed, that is auspicious.
Let all be gracious unto us. AV 19-9-14

(Pruthivi shanty…………………………… AV 19-9-14)

2.May we see a hundred autumns
May we live a hundred autumns
May we acquire knowledge up to a hundred autumns
May we go on advancing forward to a hundred autumns
May we thrive a hundred autumns
May we exist for a hundred autumns
May we remain pure a hundred autumns
And let us remain even more than a hundred autumns
A v 19—67
(Pasyema saradas satam………………….. 19-67 AV)

3.May our mother-father (parents) live happily, well be it with the cows, men and all the world, many happy fortune, grave and favour ever accompany us and may we enjoy sun light for a very long period AV 1-31-4
(Svasti matra uta pitre………………………. AV1/31/4)


4.One hundred fortunes have born all together with the birth of the body of the mortal (man) (upon which he has right by birth) of those we cast away those which leads us to sinful acts. O God, the knower of entire creation please let us have those fortunes which will prove blessings to us AV 7-115-3
(Eka satam laksmyo…………………….7/115/5 AV)

5.Fame and glory, power and managing capacity, spiritual splendour, nourishment and other means of subsistence belong to him who knows this Divinity as Simple and One AV 13-4-14-5
( Kirtischa Yasascha …………………. AV 13-4-14-5)

6.May the power of speech remain in my mouth, may the vital air ever exist in my nostrils, may the power of sight ever exist in my eye, may the power of hearing remains in my ears, let not my hair become gray, let not my teeth become dirty and let my arms possess much strength AV 19-60-1
( Vang me asan ………………………… AV 19-60-1)


7.May I have strength in my thighs, swiftness in my legs and firmness in my feet; may all the organs of my body be healthy and may my soul be ever alert AV19-60-2
( Urvorojo …………………… AV19-60-2)

8.May all the different parts of my body remain in good condition and may the power of endurance ever exist in me against the enemies. May I attain the full length of life. May I attain the happiness and fullness in all respects and purifying myself, may I attain the state of perfect bliss AV19-60-1
(Thanusthanva me …………………. AV19-60-1)


9.May all the constellations, in the absence of sun, the sources of its light! Which are in the heaven, all those in the sky, in the waters, on the earth and on the mountains and in all directions as well as all the regions wherever the moon goes, prove the source of happiness to us. AV 19-8-1
(Yani nakshatrani………………………. AV 19-8-1)
AV bloomfield

10).O mankind! I ordain for you to have concordance in your heart, unanimity in your minds and freedom from hatred. Every one of you ought to love one another in every way just as the cow loves the calf just born AV 3-30-1
(sahrudhayam samanya………………… AV 3-30-1)


11.Let the son be obedient to his father and in accordance with the mind of his mother. Let the wife speak to her husband calm, gentle, sweet words as honey AV 3-30-2
(anurbratha: pitu: ………………………….. AV 3-30-2)


12.Neither a brother should hate his brother nor a sister unkind to her sister, you ought to speak with another most gently being united in your mind and keeping the same ideal before you AV 3-30-3
(Ma Bratha bratharam…………………….. AV 3-30-3)

13.That path of the Vedas I ordain in your home against which the enlightened persons never go nor do they bear hatred towards one another, so that it may serve as leading principle for all men AV 3-30-4
(Yena Deva viyanti……………. AV 3-30-4)


14.O Mankind! Who are respectful to the elders possessing noble hearts, friendly, in your undertakings of acquiring wealth and walking in the same path bearing the common yoke together, be never disunited with one another, come, I make you one intentioned and one minded and each one of you speak sweetly to the other AV 3-30-5
(Jyayasva…………… AV 3-30-5)


15.Let your place of drinking water be common and your food be together as I yoke you to a common yoke; worship Agni, all of you together, just as the spokes are attached to the navel of the chariot from all around AV 3-30-6
(samani prapa saha………………… AV 3-30-6)

16.O Mankind! I enjoin on all of you to be mutually helping one another, to be united in your mind and to have common ideal of life for benefitting one another. Like the enlightened persons whoever take care of immortal principle (in their life) may the friendly feelings amongst you increase morning and evening AV 3-30-7
(sadhdni chinan va: ……………………. AV 3-30-7)


17.These five senses with the mind as sixth which abide in my heart are made sharp by means of prayer. By which all the awful works are done, may we attain peace by them AV 19-9-5
(Imani yani panchendriyani………………. AV 19-9-5)


Atharva Veda

18.O Lord! Make me an object of love among the enlightened persons, and make me beloved among the rulers of the world; Make me dear to all who happen to see me whether they be ordinary labourers or noble persons AV 19-62-1
(Priyam ma krunu Deveshu…………………. AV 19-62-1)

19.O Indra! God of Supreme Power! Make us fearless of all such things whereof we are afraid of AV 19-15-1
(Yath Indra Bhayamahe……………………….. AV 19-15-1)

20.May the atmosphere give us peace and safety and may both these heaven and earth be secure for us. May we be free from danger from west and east and may there be no fear from north and south AV 19-15-5
(Abhayam Na: ……………………. AV 19-15-5)

21.May we be fearless of our friends and even of those who are unfriendly to us, may we never fall in dread of those whom we know and even of those we don’t know: May we remain free from any apprehension by night and in the day time, and may all the quarters be friendly to us AV 19-15-6
(Abhayam mitradha bhayam ………………. AV 19-15-6)

22.My homage to the Almighty God who is the ordainer of all that existed in the past and of that which will exist in the future in the form of eternal bliss AV 10-8-1
(Yo Bhutam cha Bhavyam Cha ……………………….. AV 10-8-1)


23.He is the Creator, the Ordainer, the Source of all types of motion and energy. He is the highest feeder AV13-4-3
(Sa dhata sa …………………. AV13-4-3)

24.He is called neither the second, nor the third and not yet the fourth also. He is called neither the fifth, nor the sixth and not yet the seventh also. He is called neither the eigth, nor the ninth and not yet the tenth also AV 13-4-16/18
(Na dweethiyo na thrutheeya ………………………… AV 13-4-16/18)

25.He takes care of all that breathes and of all that does not breathe. He has got all this conquering power. He is the one and one alone and the only one. All these luminous forces of nature become one in him AV13-4-19/21
(Sa sarvasmy …………………………………. AV13-4-19/21)


26.If a man stands, walks and deceives other person, whether he does these in private chamber or publicly; and whatever two persons sitting together whisper secretly? The Imperial Ruler Varuna knows it all, being present there as the third one amongst them AV 4/16/2
(Yasthistathi charathi …………………….. AV 4/16/2)


27.Even this earth belongs to the Imperial Ruler Varuna and the mighty Sun too, situated at the farthest end in His possession. The two oceans (ocean of earth and atmosphere) are as it the two cavities of his abdomen and he is wholly pervading even this single drop of its water AV 4/16/3
(Uteyam Bhumir Varunasya …………………… AV 4/16/3)

28.If one should run away for beyond the heaven, even then he cant get rid of the vigilance of the Imperial Ruler Varuna. Because of his thousand eyed luminous powers of circumspection are ever watchful over this earth AV 4/16/4
( Utha yo Dhamathi sarpath…………………… AV 4/16/4)

29.By whom has this earth been made? By whom has the heaven been placed over it? By whom has this expansion of atmosphere been raised upon high and stretched across? AV 10-2-24
( Keneyam Bhumirvihitha ………………………….. AV 10-2-24)

30The earth has been made by Brahma – The Supreme Being and it is Brahma again who has placed the heaven above it. It is Brahma by whom has the atmosphere been raised upon high and stretched across AV 10-2-25
( Brahmana Bhumirvihita ………………… AV 10-2-25)

31.The Supreme Being manifests himself in the innermost chamber of our hearts, all that which move or not move and all living creature have wholly taken shelter in Him AV 10-8-6)
( AAvi: sannirhitam guha ……………………… AV 10-8-6)

32.I know the all spreading cord wherein are interwoven all these creatures.
I know the cord of the cords, hence I know Supreme God AV 10-8-38
( Vedaham sutram vivarthatham ……………………… AV 10-8-38)


33. God the Pillar of support is holding both the earth and the heaven and the pillar of support is holding the vast atmosphere. The Pillar of support is holding the extensive six directions and the Pillar of support is pervading the entire universe AV 10-7-35
( Skambo dhatara dhyavam ……………………… AV 10-7-35)

34.Wherein the earth, the atmosphere and the heaven live, wherein the fire, the moon, the sun and the air have taken shelter; say He is the Pillar of support; verily he is the most Blissful Being AV 10-7-12
(Yasmin Bhumir antariksham …………………… AV 10-7-12)



35.O Myself! The first attack of jealousy together with that which follow the first appearance of it, is the fire which is filled in your heart (source of constant sorrow). I drive away completely the same from your heart AV 6-18-1
(Irsyaya……………… AV 6-18-1)


36.Just as the earth is dead in consciousness yes, it is more dead in consciousness than the dead, just as the spirit of the dead is, similarly the spirit of the jealous man is dead (within himself) AV 6-18-2
(Yatha Bhumir mruthamana ……………………. AV 6-18-2)

37.O Myself! That thought which is sheltered in your heart, the low-mindedness which hovers therein. I drive away jealousy from that, just as one drives away hot air from the bellows AV 6-18-3
(Adho yath the……………………….. AV 6-18-3)


38.May the heaven be peaceful,
May the earth be free from disturbance,
May the vast atmosphere be calm,
May the flowing waters be soothing
May all the plants and herbs prove beneficial to us AV 19-9-1
(shanta dyau shanta…………………….AV 19/9/1)


39.May all the foretelling signs of coming events be free from turmoil and may all that has been done and that which has not been done prove the source of happiness to all: May past and future be peaceful and may all be gracious unto us AV 19-9-2
(santanu purva rupani……………………………AV 19/9/1)

40.May he is full of splendour, the holy, pervading the sun and averts all the sufferings caused by objects natural laws from us. He is the only one lord, who supports all creatures of the universe. The friendly god is the only one object of worship bless us AV2-2-2
( Div sprushte yajatha ………………………….. AV2-2-2 )

From “The Gems of Vedic Wisdom” by Kamlesh Sharma, Standard Publishers (India) , New Delhi 59. Year 2006 Rs 495

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‘God is a Thief: He has Stolen My Heart’


By London Swaminathan
Post No. 901 Dated 11th March 2014

Pure Love Gopis and Mirabai

Please read my earlier posts on Gopis, post number 895: ‘’Swami Vivekananda on Gopis and Krishna’’ and 859 (Tamil article about Gopis).

Lord Shiva is praised as the Leader of the Robbers and Thieves in many places in Rudra hymn in the Yajur Veda. Scholars have given various interpretations in their commentaries for words such as ‘’Taskaranam, Sthayunam’’ in the Rudra. One of the interpretations is God is one who steals our heart.

The Boy Wonder of Tamil Language Tiru Jnana Sambadar who started singing thousands of hymns from the tender age of three, in his very first verse, called Lord Shiva, as the ‘’Thief who stole my heart’’ (Ullam Kavar Kalvan in Tamil). Without stooping at the first verse, he repeated the word ‘Thief Who Stole My Heart’ in all the ten verses in the first hymn. Every Saivite Tamil boy knows this verse (‘Thodudaiya Seviyan’ in Tamil).


In Northern part of India we see the same theme in the hymns of Mirabai and Gopis. They fell in love with Lord Krishna. God is a magnet and the devotee is iron. So the attraction is natural. As long as the iron is not rusty with bad thoughts and habits, it naturally sticks to magnet—the God.

Krishna has Stolen my Heart!

Here are two stories told by Swami Ramdas:

“Mirabai was a great devotee of Sri Krishna. She was married although she had dedicated her life to Krishna. Even after marriage she was always found singing and worshipping Krishna. She was pining for her divine lord and was perfectly indifferent to the world.


Mirabai belonged to the royal family and was married to a Prince of Udaipur. On account of her devotional nature, all in the royal household were against her and she underwent untold persecution through the hands of her sister-in- law and others in the palace. Her husband was kind and good to her. One day the prince came to her and said, “I am your wedded husband and so I am entitled to your love and affection. But whenever I come to you, I find you intoxicated with divine ecstasy. You have no time even to talk to me. My earnest wish is that you should give me also a portion of your love. What do you say?”

“My lord what you say is perfectly right. As a dutiful wife I should love you and serve you. But what can I do? Krishna, to whom I have dedicated my life when I was yet girl, has stolen my heart entirely. He has filled it with Himself so much so that there is no place left for you. I am helpless. Even if I wish to love you, I cannot do so. So understanding my position, you should be gracious enough to forgive me”
( I have published similar stories about two Tamil women Karaikal Ammaiyar and Andal: -swami)


Gopis’ Love

Many people are mistaken in their belief that the love between the Gopis and Krishna was of an ordinary nature on the physical level. This was not so. Their love was on the higher spiritual level. When the Gopis merely thought of Him, they were lost in Him and were raised to such a state of ecstasy that, for the time being, they forgot their bodies and their surroundings. All worldly inclinations, desires and thoughts were drowned in that ecstasy. The physical pains and attachments to the nearest kith and kin were all obliterated.

Once it so happened that a Gopi asked her daughter in law to light the lamp in the house, getting fire from the neighbouring house. In those days, there were no electric lights or even match boxes. The daughter in law went with a cotton wick soaked in oil to light it from the lamp at the neighbour’s house. She placed the wick on the fire when, just at the moment, somebody said, “Krishna is at the door”. Her eyes turned towards the door and she beheld Krishna standing there. She was so struck by the sight of Krishna that she stood gazing at Him, oblivious of the time and the fact that her hand was holding the wick over the fire. The wick having taken the fire was burning. The flame was licking her fingers, but she was not aware of it. She did not feel the pain, for she was unconscious of her body. The mother in law found out after a long wait that her daughter in law did not come, went to see what the matter was. She saw her looking at Krishna, entranced and enchanted by his presence, although her fingers were burning.


That was the love of the Gopis for Krishna, their Adored One. Their love was of the purest and the holiest type. Devotees reach this climax of love when they utterly absorbed in god—their heart’s Beloved.

Source: Stories As Told By Swami Ramdas, Published for Anandashram by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Bombay-7, Year 1969.
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