Hinduism in Different Colour Capsules! (Post No.4034)

Written by London Swaminathan

Date: 28 June 2017
Time uploaded in London- 21-11
Post No. 4034

Pictures shown here are taken from various sources such as Facebook friends, Books, Google and newspapers; thanks.


Problems facing the Hindu society were discussed by the members of the Hindu Forum of Europe in its Annual General bod y meeting held in Lisbon (Portugal) on 23rd of June 2017. Sri Mahaprabhudasa, General Secretary, listed the burning issues facing the community:

1.Text Books on Hinduism in different countries give wrong information

2.Sufferings of Hindus in countries such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan etc

3.Hindu Forum Branches where it is not yet organised

4.Hinduism presented by different Hindu groups in public forums confuse everyone.


5.Earlier the Yoga presented by different groups was discussed ( I have already given it under “Yoga without Religion is dangerous”).


Sri Mahaprabhudasa pointed out that in any multi faith meeting, other religious speakers first tell their denomination he or she represents and then present their point of view from that angle. A catholic or a protestant clearly says : according to my faith…………… But Hindus from different groups or sects speak as if they represent the religion. It confuses our children and people belonging to other faiths.”

When I spoke on these points I dealt with only one issue in the above list, i.e. Hinduism presented by different groups:-

“The biggest strength of Hindusim is Diversity; the biggest weakness is also Diversity. We give complete freedom to follow our religion in different ways. But it is better to tell the people from which group they have come and then explain their point of view. Even in the earlier discussion we could not agree on a single method of Yogasana practice and each one supported a different method of Yoga and Asana. We need to tell the Hindu leaders to speak clearly in public forums.


Some of the members in private discussions told me the following points:

Texts books on Hinduisn gave lot of wrong information about Hinduism. Shiva Linga worship is misrepresented ( I pointed out that Kanchi Shankaracharya has spoken about it and explained that it represents God is formless. I have also written about it in my blog)

When the British Census was taken lot of people tod that they belong to this sect and that sect without saying that they are Hindus. Because of their ignorance and the ignorance of the census officers, they were not listed as Hindus. Since all those sects were not in the British census form they marked such Hindus as “other faiths”. As a result of which Hindu population was less than the actual figure. Now Hindu Forum of Britain is searching for a solution and one of them is to write Hindu -Swaminarayan, Hindu- hare Krishna sect etc. But it should be approved by both the government and the respective group. It is very important that Hindus unite on this issue and project them as one group.


My new comments on this:


Hinduism is presented in different colour capsules though the contents are the same. We all believe in rebirth, Karma theory, Symbol Aum and One god who can be worshipped in different ways and forms. But one cult or sect is criticising the other sect. This wont help any Hindu group in public forums.

Several years ago I met a young boy in a London hospital with worried face. I approached him and started the conversation deliberately so that I could help him. When I asked him for what health problem he had come to the hospital, he told me that he was hale and healthy and the reason he came to the hospital was for a job interview. I wished him all the best and continued the conversation. When I asked his name, the country of his origin, it was a Hindu name! Oh you are a Hindu like me, I said. He refuted me at once saying that he worships Lord Murugan (Hindu God Skanda). Smilingly I explained to him that my name also Murugan’s name and he is one of the main Hindu gods. But that young boy couldn’t digest it and he repeatedly told me that he was a Muruga worshipper and in Mauritius, where from he comes, only Muruga is worshipped as main god. I told him to go back to his parents for clarification on the matter I told him.

I knew the problem with youngsters like him. Hindus living in remote areas such as Fiji, Mauritius, Guyana, South Africa are generations away from the Hindu mainland. Their names are “Non hinduized” or “dehinduized”. Many of them were taken by the British and French from the lower strata of the society and treated them as slaves. They lost or forgot their culture completely. When they were struggling for their survival as human beings, religion is relegated to the back. They don’t have good religious teachers or preachers who can attract youths. Whatever they have now as religion is the major festivals with bizarre local stories. Books on Hinduism written by the French and the English give distorted pictures. Hindus have an enormous task of supporting, educating and elevating those people. This is an internal problem, internal threat. Someone has to write proper, uniform text books with reasonable, simple explanation for the festivals, Siva Linga worship and umpteen other issues. Though thousands of Hindu cults, groups, sects, sub sects, Sath Sang groups, Ashrams, Yoga centres, Babas, Swamijis and Mutts exist, not many are bothered about uniting them under one banner. Each one is promoting his or her own organisation.


Even in Face book I see several people put several quotations in the name of Bhagavad Gita. Like Einstein is quoted in several hundred quotes which he never said, Lord Krishna’s name is dragged into several statements. I react to such posts immediately saying that ‘could you please give me the chapter and sloka number.?’ Then they keep quiet. So, we must first create awareness amongst our own people.