Follow the Habits of a Crow: Tamil Poets’ Advice (Post No.3878)

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Date: 4 May 2017

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Tamil poets use several birds or their habits to teach certain morals to the society. Tiruvalluvar, the author of the Tamil Veda ‘Tirukkural’ send us two messages using the crow:

The crow does not hide what it has got, but cries out to is fellows, before it eats

Prosperity among men will come only to those who have this disposition (Kural 527)

The message is “Go to the crow and learn, you selfish man”.

In another couplet, he says,

“A crow may overcome a much stronger bird, the owl, during day time,

Even so, at the right opportunity, the king could succeed easily in his campaigns” (481)

It is said that in the nocturnal fight, the owl could easily beat the crow; but if the fight takes place during the day time, the crow will be the victor. There is a story to this effect in the Panchatantra. Asvattama also used this tactic to kill important Pandava family members (see below my Mahabharata article link)

Follow the Six Points

Another Tamil poet lists six points in a four-line verse:

1.Get up early in the morning

2.Do sex like the crows, unseen by anyone

3.Take a bath everyday like the crow

4.When you have food call everyone

5.Come back to ‘your house’ (don’t go to other women)

6.Socialise like crows (they sit in a line and caw)

The crying of crows when it sees food and sharing it with others have been noticed by many other poets. They also praised the crows.


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