Vedas and the Scientist


Compiled by London Swaminathan
Post No.1501; Dated 20th December 2014.

Dr A S Ramanathan (Deputy Director General of Meteorology, Rtd. and K S R I Research Fellow) gave a talk on Vedas and the Scientist under the auspices of K S R Institute, Madras-4 on May 29, 1983. He observed:

i)Very interesting results follow when a very careful study of the entire Vedic literature is made by a scientist, having a good knowledge of the language as well as the rituals, with traditional background too ( Dr Ramanathan himself is such research scholar). Madhusudhana Ojha-Vidyavacaspati of Rajathan has compiled the Vedic mantras by different subjects — only some of these have been published so far. Based on this further research important scientific conclusions emerge

ii)The Veda indicates all the intelligent processes that take place in the Cosmos, leading to evolution of various objects, starting with the primordial fluid filling the Cosmos. The processes being infinite in number and existing for all time, the Vedas too are ‘ananta’, ‘anaadee’ and ‘apaourusheya’ – not man-made. We have also the ‘Sabda Veda’ – the utterances of the seer-Rsis. The entire Vedas form a ‘’Shrishti Vidya’’!

iii)The Rig-Veda hymns – Riks represent the formation of the ‘’Pinda’’ limited by its diameter; the ‘’Yajus’’ indicates the ‘’Chaiytanya’’ – Pramna the centre; the ‘’Sama’’ represents the ‘mahima’ of the created living object, having therefore a mandalakaara. As the circumference is about the three times the diameter, ‘’Saama’’ is said to be ‘’Tricham’’. As ‘’Mahimaa’’ is subsequent to creation the ‘’Saaman’’ has to be charted only after the recital of the Rik or Yajus — c.f. Bhagavad Gita X-22 relating to Krishna’s Vibhuti.

iv)The word Yajna has a very wide meaning. One important ‘Yajna’ is the “Samvatsara Yajna” – the creation of the Solar System described in the “ Aghamarchana Suktam” (c.f. also Purusha Suktam) Rita and Satya – terms occurring here always go together. The former is the all pervading fluid – the primordial base of creation; when a centre of creation appears and an object created around it – this is Satya.

The radiance of the Sun extends from the centre in expanding circles – orbits 24, degrees apart lead to the change in seasons. We have the manifestations in Space or Air, Fire, Water and Earth in that order, as also Sound – Vaak – R R


Vedas and the Scientist II

‘Sabda’ and ‘Artha’ always go together; these have also the meaning; Energy and ‘Matter’. The right type of flow of energy will lead to constructive creation. Any departure will lead to destruction. Hence the stress on ‘svara’ in Vedic utterance.
The term ‘Chandas’ (metre) normally sets a limit to the number of words used in a ‘Rik’; at a deeper level, it represents the limit of size, activity etc in regard to a created object.

Dr C R Swaminathan who presided pointed out that the Vedic culture once prevailed universally and even today practices analogous to Aginihotra and Shraddhas (including Mahamalalaya) are observed among ancient tribes in Africa Australia and the Far East. He also referred to “Sabdaraasis” being eternal and not man-made the extent Vedas are not the whole thing.

3.Dr K R Radhakrishnan (Director General of Police) who was the ‘observe’ said:
‘Yajna’ represents the process of conversion of thermal energy into electrical energy, reaching out into space. The white surface of the central surface of the Sun is the photo sphere; it is surrounded by the chromosphere; we have also the ‘prominences’ of enormous extent; beyond them is halo of light – the ‘corona’. We may find this indicated in the Vedic mantras (Mandehaarunadwipa – may refer to the penumbra of the sun). Modern physicists who have accumulated vast data on the sun are not yet clear about its origin. They need the intuitive perception of the ancient seers. (c.f. The Tao of Phycis by Frit jof Capra)
Note: Angiras (Prof. K S Sharma, Court Road, Pithanpura, Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India) has given unique interpretations to Vedic mantras, deriving from there laws pertaining to Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy and Mathematics.

For example, from the Gayatri he finds the way in which a planet becomes fit for higher biological life and how there had been cosmic exoduses and immigrations. From the first Rig-Vedic hymn, he gets at the process of energy production in the body of Sun and also how energy like a fluid has higher and lower levels. His researches deserve to be pursued by scholars.

Mahesh Yogi Institute also has undertaken research into Vedas from the scientific point of view. – R R
—From Indian Express 1983 Paper cuttings

sun 2

Cosmic Migration (Paper cutting from 3rd December 1977)

The Vedic Mantras may be interpreted at various levels, poetical, psychological (symbolic), ritualistic, philosophical (mystic), scientific etc. Generally, the interpretations are based on the meanings of each word – often compounds. In the most sacred Gayatri Mantra, which occurs in all the Vedas, “the supreme light of the God-head, Surya Savitri is invoked as the object of our desire, the deity who shall give his luminous impulsion to all our thoughts. “To prepare a new birth and a new creation for man, by his illumination and upward voyaging is the function of Surya, the Divine Light and Seer”(Aurobindo).

Without prejudice to such spiritualistic interpretation Shri K S Sharma of Saharanpur,U.P (see article dated Oct.18,1977) has attempted elucidations of Gayatri and other Mantas on the material-scientific plan, by dividing the compound of words into the elementary ones up to each letter, and by taking words from each mantra, in the reverse order also (i.e. from the end to the beginning).

For example Bhoor means a walkable place below an atmosphere in a heavenly body, which is said to be the third and surrounds two heavenly bodies. Bhuvah is Bhu—v—aha meaning to be or coming into existence. Svah is one’s own nature tat means when; sava means water. Itur is I-tu-u-a-R meaning devoid of wealth. In this way the Gayatri is made to indicate

i)the way in which a planet becomes fit for habitation of the higher biological life ii)governance of beings living below ,above or at the surface of the planet earth, by a group of nine planets and a constellation of 12 stars.


iii)a cosmic exodus
iv) a cosmic immigration. Dealing with hymn 121 of the Tenth Mandala of Rig Veda similarly, he gets at the details of space voyages.

Some of his conclusions are : Everyone of the planets has been or would be fit for biological life at one time or another. Within our solar system, Neptune should have been the first n this respect. When it grew old and unable to bear life, life should have been transferred to Uranus. Similarly successive transfers ought to have been to Saturn, Jupiter, the parents of the asteroids, Mars and Earth. The future transfers would be successively to Venus, Mercury and the solidified Sun, and then to another solar system.

The first human emigrants from Mars (lost paradise) to the Earth, brought with them the comprehensive guide, the Vedas, capable of uncovering the hidden scientific mysteries.

These interpretations cannot be dismissed as fanciful or farfetched as the details can be checked with lexicons (cf. the theories about Tirumolar’s Tirumanthiram).

The hymns of the First Mandala of the Rig Veda also are interpreted to afford scientific techniques. We may deal with the first hymn to Agni and compare the interpretations of Sayana, Aurobindo and Sharma in a separate article. In passing, we may note that this and other hymns together deal with heat-light atoms, particles, energies, X Rays, neutrons, molecules, spectra, planetary, atmospheres, motions and distances, spacecraft and platform etc. the Isavasya Upanishad indicates electron as the connecting link between matter and life, while the Atharva Veda is related to higher mathematics. The Sama Veda naturally deals with sound (the seven notes and stringed instruments) – R R

Indian Express 3rd December 1977


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