How Paul Brunton was directed to go to Bhagavan Ramana Maharishi – Part I

paul brunton

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Santhanam Nagarajan

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Paul Brunton was a British philosopher, mystic, and traveler. He was born in London in 1898. He dedicated his entire life to an inward and spiritual quest. He specialized in research into the subject of Yoga and traveled widely throughout India, Tibet, Japan, China, and Egypt.

He came to Chengleput, a small city near Chennai to meet the great sage of Kanchi, His Holiness Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Swami.

Brunton asked the sage,” What is the most practical course for me to take?”

Paramacharya, as he is being called, replied thus: “Go on with your travels. When you have finished them, think of the various Yogis and holy men you have met; then pick out the one who makes most appeal to you. Return to him and he will surely bestow the initiation upon you.”

When Brunton asked him whether he could turn to him for assistance the great sage of Kanchi replied: “I am head at the head of a public institution a man whose time no longer belongs to himself! My activities demand almost all my time. For years I have spent only three hours in sleep each night. How can I take personal pupils? You must find a master who devotes his time in them.”

Then Brunton asked him for guidance to find out a master.

The great sage recommended him to go to Maharishi Ramana.

He told him:” Promise me that you will not leave South India before you have met the maharishi.”

The sage assured him:” Do not be anxious. You shall discover that which you seek.”

He met the great sage Ramana. His experiences with Maharishi Ramana inspired him and he has written a book, ‘A Message from Arunachala’.

In our next article we will read about the strange dream of Paul Brunton.

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