Life After Death: New Evidence

We live after death! (Post No. 2915; dated 23 June 2016)

Written by London swaminathan

There is a very interesting news item in New Scientist magazine which proved the miracles of Hindu Yogis/saints.

Here is the gist of latest science article:
Hundreds of genes wake up for 48 hours in dead mice and fish
Dr Frankenstein and his monster made from a corpse brought back to life is the stuff of sci-fi but is there evidence for life after death?

When a doctor declares a person dead,parts of their body may live on for a while. Fresh evidence in animals suggests that many genes work for up to 48 hours after death. The finding could aid the science of organ transplants and help pathologists pinpoint a time of death more accurately.

Scientists measured the amount of gene messenger RNA present in the organs of mice and zebra fish immediately after death. An increase in mRNA -which genes use to tell cells to make products such as proteins– indicates that genes are more active.

Levels in the fish and mice were measured for up to four days post death and compared with the amount found at the time of death.

Overall activities decreased but levels associated with 548 genes in the fish and 515 genes in the mice went through peaks and dips in activity in a non winding down manner unlike the rest of the decaying DNA. Hundreds of genes woke up after death, including those associated with foetal development and cancer.

Activity peaked about 24 hours after death, Dr Peter Nobles study at the University of Washington, Seattle , found.

Could it be the same for us?
Previous studies found various genes were active more than 12 hours after death in people who died from multiple trauma, heart attack or suffocation.

Scientists think these genes may wake up as a part of an automatic healing attempt.
It also raises the questions about the definition of death. If genes can be active up to 48 hours after death,is the person technically still alive at that point?

Dr Noble said, “studying death will provide new information on the biology of life.”

Now compare the above information with the following matter I posted a few years ago:

Paramahamsa Yogananda (1893-1952) is one of the greatest Yogis of modern India. He entered Mahasamadhi  in Los Angeles, California, USA on 7th March 1952. The great world teacher demonstrated the value of Yoga not only in life but also in death. Weeks after his departure his unchanged face shone with the divine lustre of incorruptibility: “ The absence of any visual signs of decay in the dead body of Paramahamsa Yogananda offers the most extraordinary case in our experience…….. No physical disintegration was visible in his body even twenty days after death…… No indication of mould was visible on his skin and no visible desiccation took place in the bodily tissue”, was the report of Mr Harry T. Rowe, Los Angeles Mortuary Director.
“An Autobiography of a Yogi” written by Paramahamsa Yogananda sold millions of copies in different languages. “The Master Said” was a book of his quotations and anecdotes. Following excerpts explain the miracles.

Hindu yogis knew very well that genes don’t die immediately. When Jnanananda of Tirukkovilur attained Samadhi his devotees were wondering whether he has actually left the body. They consulted Kanchi Paramacharya Swamiji who asked them to wait for a few days before burying him.

Hindus believe that the life leaves the body only after the funeral fire touched it . They also believed it will hover around for 12 days where it lived. The relatives say Goodbye to the body on 12th day only. That is why all over the world a 13 day mourning period is followed. The dead spirit will be looking for light in the dark. That is why a light or lamp is left at the place of death for 12 days. Other religions also follow Hindu customs by lighting candles. Slowly science will unravel all the mysteries of death which is already in the funeral mantras of the Hindu Vedas. ( I have already written about the similarities between the Egyptian Book of the dead and the Vedic mantras . Please read it)

–sub ham–

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