Miracles of Shirdi Sai Baba!(Post No.3665)

Written by S NAGARAJAN


Date: 24 February 2017


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Post No.3665



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by S. Nagarajan


India is a country of great sages. From time to time somewhere in India, may it be a very small village, great sages used to take their birth. Even though these sages are not giving importance to the miracles, hundreds of miracles will be performed by them. But they don’t attach importance to them but used to advise all to worship the Lord.

One such great saint was born in Maharastra and now he is famously known as Shirdi Sai Baba.

Sai Baba is believed to be born in 1835. At the age of 16, he arrived at Shirdi, Ahmednagar District of British India. He attained maha Samadhi on a Vijaya Dasami day on 15th October 1918.

B.V.Narasimhaswami has written a book titled “Sri Sai Baba’s Charters and Sayings’ in 1944. This book narrates 608 incidents and sayings of Baba. From the authentic version of Narsimhaswami, we may read hundreds of miracles of Baba.

He was a great devotee of Sai Baba. He has gathered data about Baba and has written his biography.

Hundreds of miracles are described very accurately in this book.

Sai Baba is well known for his straight comments. He is a knower of all. He knows everybody and about devotees past births.

In 1913, Professor Narke has returned from Manchester. He visited Baba. He was introduced by somebody to Him. Immediately Baba remarked: “you introduce him to me! I have known him for past 30 generations.”

The England returned person was shocked. He was in need of a job. An offer from Benaras came to him and at the same time one more offer came from Burma. Narke went to Baba and asked him where to go.

Baba immediately replied, “Go to Burma and Poona.” He went to Burma. There was an announcement that a Professor of Geology was wanted for the Engineering College at Poona. He got that job in 1918. But it was predicted in 1913.

Baba can foresee events before it happens! Hundreds of devotees experienced many miracles of Baba.

Once, in 1886 Baba told his devotee Mahalsapathy that he is going to Allah and would come back in three days. If he did not return, he may inter the body in the nearby open land. Accordingly Baba’s breathing, pulse, circulation all stopped and the body became a corpse. The village officers wanted to bury the body. But Mahalsapathy refused. On the third day consciousness returned to Baba. Breathing began and he opened his eyes. Life was restored.

Baba had and has Hindu and Muslim devotees. Thousands throng to Shirdi to worship him even today.

His advised devotees to worship whole heartedly and patiently wait for the results. This has been well taken by his devotees. His famous assurance is: Why fear When I am Here!


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  1. It is always pleasant to hear, read and talk about Shirdi Sai Baba.
    He is one Saint /Sage whose name and fame have grown steadily after his physical death.
    And this without any organisation, or disciplic succession or organised propaganda of any kind. This in itself is a miracle: that his name spreads only by word of mouth! Almost every one who has come to Baba has done so due to some personal favour or incident. It keeps happening still!

    Sri B.V.Narasimha Swami was a trained lawyer, successfully practising in Salem.. He was the first to write a biography of Sri Ramana Maharshi. He was meticulous in his methods. He went to great lengths to gather reliable information from authentic sources, often meeting the persons and interviewing them.He carefully documented them. He gathered material about Sri Seshadri Swami too, but did not complete the book. The material was given to Kuzhumani Narayana Sastri who completed the book on Seshadri Swami. Later he drifted on to Sai Baba and became his devotee, establishing a temple for him in Mylapore. He established All India Sai Samaj. His writings on Baba brought many to Baba’s fold in the South.His books made Shirdi the place of pilgrimage it has since became.

    Sri Arthur Osborne was a great devotee and disciple of Ramana Bhagavan. He too had regard for Sai Baba. He has written a slim volume on Baba {Publisher: Orient Longman } but has given an advaitic (Vedantic) touch to his teachings. He too has recorded a stunning miracle within his personal knowledge.

    It is always a blessing to recall the lives of Saints and Sages.

    Saints will aid if men will call
    For the blue sky bends over all.

  2. kuzhumani Narayana sastri’s seshadri swamigal charitram is a wonderful book. Osborne has written about bhagawan Ramanar based on his experiences. Wonderful book. Narasimha swami was in Ramanashramam for a long time. I will write more on the old Golden days.
    Thanks for the valaubale input.

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