Refugees Anecdotes: Hitler’s Rule! (Post No.3734)

Compiled by London swaminathan


Date: 18 March 2017


Time uploaded in London:- 5-51 am


Post No. 3734


Pictures are taken from various sources; thanks.






Many and devious have been the devices employed by refugees seeking to escape from occupied France. It is reported from hitherto unreliable sources, that such a man threw himself upon the mercy of the proprietor of a small travelling menagerie (a collection of wild animals kept in captivity for exhibition.).


“I am afraid to disguise you as an employee”, said the man.

“You might be discovered too easily. It happens that our gorilla died a little over a week ago and we preserved his hide, thinking that we might recoup the loss by having it stuffed some day.


If you want to put it on, you can travel with us in the cage”.


Faced by his desperate need, the refugee did so. And whenever the menagerie was on exhibition he put on as good a show as he could manage.


One night when no one was around, he was horror struck to discover that the bars had become loosened between his own and the adjoining cage on the same truck. One of them had fallen out, and through the opening came his neighbour, the lion. As the animal slunk toward him, the gorilla cringed in the corner and began to cry

“Help! Help!”

“Shut up, you damn fool”, growled the lion

“You aren’t the only refugee.”



Prisoners Anecdotes : Jewish blood to a Nazi Soldier!


Some of the Nazi airmen invite mistreatment by their belligerent attitude. There is the case of the wounded Nazi airman who panned English doctors, bemoaning the fact that he had no good German doctors to fix him up. In the middle of his tirade he had the misfortune to faint.

“Don’t worry”, the doctors told him when he came to.

“You will be alright. The chances are that you will have better manners too, now that you have got a couple of pints of good Jewish blood in you”.




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