‘Day of the Mother’ was Inauspicious in the Ancient World! (Post No.3797)

Written by London swaminathan


Date: 7 APRIL 2017


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Post No. 3797


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Hittites who ruled Turkey and Syria 3500 years ago practised both burial and cremation like the Hindus. The graves were simple, not like the Egyptian tombs. But the buried food, horses and donkeys with the dead.


But whether they buried the dead or cremated the dead, they believed that the soul would travel t the world of the dead, a bleak and muddy place in the dark earth.


The Hittites thought that that the deceased would be accompanied on this journey by his or her pre-deceased mother who would from the nether world to meet her child; thus, one of the Hittite euphemisms for the day of death was “the day of mother”.


Like the Egyptians, Hittites also believed Kings wold become Gods after death. Statues of the deceased Royals were installed and living king made offerings.

The corpse of the king was burned in the night and the following morning, ashes and bones were collected by women after extinguishing the remaining embers by

pouring beer and wine on it. Statue of the dead king was taken in a procession. Agricultural tools and products are brought and burned. They deposit in the place where the heads of oxen and horses had been before hand. Thus, the decease Hittite king was provided with cattle and horses, grazing grounds, fields, water and all the tools for working the land and harvesting its wealth.


Source book:- Hittites, An Anatolian Empire, YKY, 2013

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