Taxes Anecdotes (Post No.4024)

compiled  by London Swaminathan
Date: 22 June 2017
Time uploaded in London- 21-05 (on 21st June 2017)
Post No. 4024
Pictures are taken from various sources such as Face book, Wikipedia and newspapers; thanks.


President Roosevelt has frequently been a guest, in years past, on the Nourmahal, luxurious yacht belonging to Vincent Astor. He was once invited to take a winter cruise.

“Oh, don’t put that big thing in commission just for me”, he protested.

“Mr President, the Nourmahal is in commission all year around”, said its owner.

“Well”, rejoined the President, “I guess we will have to raise taxes on the rich again.”



Second Notice is more effective!

A New York man received from the Bureau of Internal revenue a “Second Notice”, that his tax payment was overdue, and carrying with it dire threats as to what would be done if it was not immediately forthcoming.  Hastening to the collector’s office, the man paid up and said, “I would have paid this before but I didn’t get your first notice”.

“Oh”, replied the clerk, “we have run out of first notices, and besides, we find that the second notices are a lot more effective”.



Afraid to Open

A commentary on the artist and society is found in the incident of Joseph Conrad and the offer of knighthood that was sent him in a long blue official envelope, bearing the legend “On His Majesty’s Service”

For weeks, this lay untouched on Conrad’s desk. At last the Prime Minister sent a messenger to see what had happened. Conrad, it transpired, had been afraid to open it. He thought it was the Income Tax.



Song for a Tax man!


Theodore Hook, the English Poet, was entertaining a party at his cottage in Fulham (London) with comic song improvisations, when in the middle of it his servant entered with, “Please, sir, here is Mr Winter, the tax collector; he says he has called for taxes.” hook would not be interrupted, but went on at the pianoforte, as if nothing had happened, with the following stanza,

“Here comes Mr Winter, collector of Taxes

I advise you to pay him whatever he axes;

Excuses wont do; he stands no sort of flummery.

Though Winter his name is, his presence is summary”.




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