I can’t read my Hand writing! (Post No.5351)

Compiled BY London swaminathan

Date: 22 August 2018


Time uploaded in London – 11-42 AM (British Summer Time)


Post No. 5351


Pictures shown here are taken from various sources including google, Wikipedia, Facebook friends and newspapers. This is a non- commercial blog.


Hand writing Anecdotes


Horace Greeley is another instance of a famous man noted for the illegibility of his handwriting. He once wrote the following letter,
Mr M B Castle,
Sandwich III
Dear sir
I am over worked and growing old. I shall be 60 on next February the 3rd. On the whole, it seems I must decline to lecture hence forth except in this immediate vicinity. If I go at all, I cannot promise to visit Illinois on that errand, certainly not now.
Yours truly
Horace Greeley

A few days later he received this answer:-
Horace Greeley
New York Tribune

Dear sir,
Your acceptance to lecture before our association next winter came to hand this morning. Your penmanship not being the plainest, it took some time to translate it. But we succeeded and would say your time February 3rd and the terms 60 dollars, are entirely satisfactory. As you suggest we may be able to get you other engagements.

M B Castle


I don’t know me!
John Calhoun’s handwringing, though it looked neat, was almost undecipherable. Once his friend sent him back one of his letters because it was too difficult to read. Calhoun replied,
“I know what I think on this subject but cannot decipher what I wrote.”


Admission Pass or Doctor’s Prescription!

The actor, Macready, was notorious for the illegibility of his handwriting. He frequently was called upon to scrawl a chit for the free admission for friends and acquaintances to his performances. Although unrecognisable, they-were familiar to the door man and served their purpose. One day, however, a friend of the actor jestingly took one of Macready’s scrawled passes to a pharmacist and gravely handed it over as a prescription to be filled. The latter unhesitatingly compounded a potion from various phials and powder boxes, and handing it across the counter to the waiting customer, observed,
“A cough mixture, and a very good one. Fifty cents, please!”

Social Activities

Said Marie Antoinette,
“My tastes are not the same as those of the king, who cares only for hunting and blacksmith work. You will admit that I should not show to advantage in a forge. I could not appear there as Vulcan, and the part of Venus might displease him even more than my tastes”.

  Xxx Subham xxx


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