24 Avatars of Vishnu Word Search (Post No.5704)

WRITTEN by London Swaminathan


Date: 26 November 2018

GMT Time uploaded in London –20-22

Post No. 5704

Pictures shown here are taken from various sources including google, Wikipedia, Facebook friends and newspapers. This is a non- commercial blog

We have 24 incarnations of Lord Vishnu in the word search square. Just to make it easy to identify all the names, the initial letters are given in the capitals


S a n a k a b a s i R
H a y e r t a t t a D
a a B a l a r a m a h
y N a r a s i m h a a
a a n K a l k i m n
g y h V a n a m a V
r a s y a v r h D r a
i r i a s m a H B u n
v a r s a m a R u h t
a N K a l k i d s r
V a r a g a d a i
r a m r u K h r r
M a t s Y a g n a a a
N u h t i r P H




1.SanakadiMunis (Four Saints), 2.Rishab(h)a, 3.Dattatreya, 4.Dhanvantri

5.Hayagriva, 6.Balarama, 7.Narasimha, 8.Dhr(u)va, 9.Vyasa, 10.Naranarayana

11.Vamana, 12.Matsya, 13.Kalki, 14.Krishna, 15.Hamsa, 16.Parashurama

17.Hari, 18.Prithu, 19.Rama, 20.Buddha 21.Varaga

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