Swami’s English Cross word 16319 (Post No.6201)

Written by London swaminathan 


Date: 16 March 2019

GMT Time uploaded in London – 17-33

Post No. 6201

Pictures shown here are taken from various sources including google, Wikipedia, Facebook friends and newspapers. This is a non- commercial blog. ((posted by swamiindology.blogspot.com AND tamilandvedas.com))


1. – the seer who taught the Vedas again to brahmins who have migrated to various regions from the Sarasvati river basin due to a 12 year long drought. They came back after 12 years.

5. – a drum

6.– a hymn of the oldest Veda

8. – A Pancala prince who was killed by Ashwaththama in the Mahabharata war.

11. -when Agastya went to this king for wealth to satisfy his demanding wife Lopamudra, he led him to demon king Ilvala

12 – Vedic Goddess; bountiful goddess at least mentioned twice in the Rik Veda

14. – spatial, large, broad; also abbreviation of Goddess of Kasi

14. – hunter who killed Lord Krishna;also Rakshasi’s name who created Jarasandha by joining two halves of a baby; probably oldest operation of Siamese twins; also old age.

15 – wifeless, widower

16. – god

17. – Vedic Twins

18. – Buddhist goddess; word for star

19.- who caused the death of Bhishma; s/he was a transgender in Mahabharata; oldest case of sex transfer operation and oldest transgender in history



1. – peaceful; name of girls

2. I- sister of Kunti devi ; wife of King Jayasena of Avanti

3. – sky

4. – hunter

7. – Opposing group of Pandavas in the Mahabharata war

9. the oldest etymologist and grammarian who wrote Nirukta

10. – Father of Krishna’s wife Sathyabhama

13. – no beans, name of a disease, time


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