Swami’s Crossword 29819 (Post No.6950)

 Written  by London Swaminathan


 Date: 29 AUGUST 2019  

British Summer Time uploaded in London – 18-11

Post No. 6950

Pictures are taken from various sources; this is a non- commercial, educational blog; posted in swamiindology.blogspot.com and tamilandvedas.com simultaneously. Average hits per day for both the blogs 12,000.

Though all are Sanskrit words or place names, they are well known throughout India and used in most of the Indian languages. Spellings are slightly adjusted to fit into the grid.


1.Bikshu – 6 letters–Buddhist monk

7.Kedarnath –9– Shiva Shrine in Himalaya with Cedar trees

8.Udyoka – 6–job, profession, work

9.Asasdhya –8– Impossible, difficult to do

10.Krama – 5–order, method, turn

11.Asirvadh- 8–Blessing


1.Biksha – 6 letters–begging offering, alms

2.Indumati – 8–great Swayamvaram described by Kalidas; she chose Ajay

3.Surya -5– sun

4.Udaka – 5–water

5.Uttamam- 7–best, better than he middle and low positions

6.Rahasyam -8—secret



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