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 Date: 20 SEPTEMBER 2019

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Philosophers Meeting with a Dead Person!

A philosopher who went to call on a sick friend, was told at the door :

“He is already departed”.

“Well, tell him I called”, replied the philosopher.



It is recorded that Xerxes, the King of Persia, who had gathered vast forces at the Hellespont for the invasion of Greece, caused a lofty seat to be sent upon a hill from which he could survey them.

But when he saw, says Herodotus, the whole Hellespont hidden by his ships, and all the shores and plains of Abydos thronged with men, Xerxes first declared himself happy, and presently he fell a-weeping…..

For, he said, “I was moved to compassion when I considered the shortness of all human life, seeing that of all this multitude of men not will be alive a hundred years hence.”



Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) , being a celebrity, turned the famous erroneous announcement of his death into a well- known quip.

More difficult was the situation of the obscure man whose death was mistakenly noted in his local newspaper.

The “corpse “ hastened to the editor to protest.

“I am awfully sorry”, the editor replied. “And it is too late to do much about it. The best thing I can do for you is to put you in the Birth Column tomorrow morning and give you a fresh start”.



One day when Sultan was in his palace in Damascus a beautiful youth who was his favourite rushed into his presence, crying out in great agitation that he must fly at once to Baghdad, and imploring leave to borrow His Majesty’s swiftest horse.

The Sultan asked why he was in such a haste to go to Baghdad. “Because, the youth answered, as I passed through the garden of the palace just now, Death was attending there, and when he saw me he stretched out his arms as if to threaten me, and I must lose no time in escaping from him”.

The young man was allowed to take Sultan’s horse and fly; and when he was gone the sultan went down indignantly into the garden, and found Death still there.

“How dare you make threatening gestures at my favourite?”, he cried.

But Death,astonished, answered,

“I assure Your Majesty, I didn’t threaten him. I only threw up my arms in surprise at seeing him here, because I have a tryst with him tonight in Baghdad.”

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