Swami’s Cross word26919 (Post No.7018)



Date: 26 SEPTEMBER 2019

British Summer Time uploaded in London – 8-37 am

Post No. 7018

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Following Sanskrit words are known to most of the Indians


1. (8 letters) – human

5. (8) – god lying in water (Vishnu)

7. (4) – demon in Buddhist literature; tempting demon; goddess of death in Hinduism

9. (4)- Sun; one of the names in 12 Surya namaskaras

10. (6)- gold; common name of girls

11 (4) – first; also town where Taj Mahal is situated


1 (7) – Hindu Cupid

2. (9)- The death of this demon is celebrated as Diwali

3. (8)- Black colour always associated with Krishna; also feminine name

4. (8) – decoration; word in grammar as well

6. (4) – mango

8. (5) – food; biblical Manna came from this word

Xxx subham xxx

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