SWAMI CROSS WORD 2522020 (Post.7618)


Post No.7618

Date uploaded in London – 25 February 2020

Contact – swami_48@yahoo.com

Pictures are taken from various sources for spreading knowledge; this is a non- commercial blog.


1- (6 letters) Saint who propagated Dwaita (dualist) philosophy

7. – (4) terrible

8. – (5) I am He (Philosophical statement I am That; identifying with god; mirror image of Ham sa)

9. – (4)  Juice, in dance or drama One of the Nine moods

10.- 6) All

15. – (6) Big; oldest Upanishad’s name has this word in the beginning.

16. –(4) one of the kings of North West India who sacrificed his flesh to save a dove from an eagle.


2. – (6)one of the five aspects of Lord Siva having two meanings Terrifying and Non terrifying

3. – (4) granting, milking, yielding ; capital of a country in the Middle East.

4. – (6) short letter, dwarf, verse with for feet

5. – (4) left side; part of a name

6. – (3) pranava mantra

10. – (4) auspicious; feminine name

11. – (3) sage, saint; mirror image of SEER

12. – (4) Prime Minister of India’s caste name; general meaning –pleased, cheerful

13. – (3) Holy, Sacred, Wealthy ; a prefix before Saints and Gods

14. – (3) Enemy of Indra; snake demon killed by Indra


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