Swami Crossword 1432020 (Post No.7694)


Post No.7694

Date uploaded in London – 14 March 2020   

Contact – swami_48@yahoo.com

Pictures are taken from various sources for spreading knowledge; this is a non- commercial blog.


1. – (8 letters)-mathematician; an Indian satellite is named after him

6. (5)-life breath

8.—(10)- written by Muka Kavi in Sanskrit

9.—(5) Cord used by Vedic Priests to measure the Vedic altars

10.—(9)- Horse sacrifice done by Hindu Kings

11.—(5)- Wisdom

12.—(10)- Big Story written by Gunadhya; now lost


1.—(5 letters) Sanskrit playwright who wrote 13 plays

2.—(7)- hearing, listening; one of the qualities of a bhakta

3.–(4)- name of a river, a grass, reed; also cough

4.—(4)—Wife of Kamadeva; goddess of love

5—(5)- Name of Indra in Buddhist literature

7.—(6)- One of the Ten Avatars of Vishnu; who grew up touching the sky to measure three feet


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