Swami Crossword 1052020 (Post No.7953)


Post No.7953

Date uploaded in London – 10 May 2020   

Contact – swami_48@yahoo.com

Pictures are taken from various sources for spreading knowledge; this is a non- commercial blog. Thanks for your great pictures.


1.– (7letters) mountain that divides south and north of India

4.—(4) Horse

6.—(11) – famous Kashmir King; Muktapida is another name; died in 760CE.

9.  –(5)  – suffix used with all hills to say that is not movable

10.—(8)— demon and son of Hiranyaksha in Purana killed by Vishnu; son of Maricha in Ramayana

13. (3) poem; oldest Veda is named with this word

14.– (8) Twin sons of Rama always paired together

15.—(4) long sound Snake; short sound mountain

16. – (11)—one of the earliest Telugu composers who did lot of Kritis on Lord Balaji


1. – (10 letters)- Finger sized Rishis of Rig Veda; Lilliputians of Hindu Mythology

2.- (4) – pipe; tube; veins; arteries

11. –(6)—disorderly; so dishonest; not in order

3. – offered in fire; burnt in fire

4. – (5) – egg, oval, oval shaped universe

5.– (9)- Banyan tree in Sanskrit

7. – (4) – action that unites mind and body; yoke came from this Sanskrit word;

8. – (6) – Sun; suffix of several kings of India];

12. – (6) – one of Shiva’s five faces; regent of north eastern direction


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