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93.muulam, PPL 13-24, the three fold qualities – as the basis of life. மூலம்

Muula- base, origin in RV


94. maayam PNN 363-9 , trick

Maayaa, trick in RV மாயம்


95.aravam, loud, noise, CPP 103

Rava, roar, in RV அரவம்


96.aayul, life, PNN 18-6

Aayus , life,  RV ஆயுள்


97. palam, valam MKM 411, 163; valan PNN 60-10; vali  MP 61 , strength பலம் /வலன் /வலி மாயம்

Bala ,strength, in RV


98.naamam,  PPL 15-25, name,

Naaman in   RV நாமம்


99. palinku, KCP 57, crystal, MKM 516, camphor

Phalika, crystal, RV பளிங்கு


100. paakam,  KLT 80-4, portion,

Bhaaga, portion, in  RV பாகம்


101. maattirai, limit, duration,PNN 376-7 ;

Maatraa, duration, in RV மாத்திரை


102.vaci, to live, PPL 5-38 ; வசி

Vas, to live in RV

At least 102 Sanskrit words from Rig Veda are in Sangam Tamil Literature according to S Vaidyanathan’s research. His book INDO-ARYAN LOAN WORDS IN OLD TAMIL (Year 1971)  is a valuable source for linguistics researchers. Some one must take it further and decide the rules Tamils followed. Several words have different spellings (Eg.Amrita, Balam ); it is strange to see the same author uses different spellings for Balam/strength. And my personal view is that future researchers should take only Sangam Tamil literature excluding Tolkappiam, Silappadikaram and Tirukkural. All the three books belong to fourth or fifth century CE. The language and grammar betray their period.

The next stage is to see what customs are similar in Rig Veda and Sangam Tamil literature and that will help us to decide the chronological order of Sangam Tamil poets and Sangam Tamil works. For instance, King’s white umbrella, Four Divisions of Army, Six seasons etc will help us in research. ( I have already written about these things in my articles)

In my current postings I have relegated Atharva Veda (AV) and Yajur Veda (VS, TS) to Post Sangam and Post Rig Vedic materials. This may be wrong. Actually, we must take it as part of Vedic period. Though foreigners say Rig Veda is the oldest among Vedas, no one is able to point out when Yajur Veda (TS, VS) came and when Atharva Veda (AV) was composed. Even the Rig Vedic period covers at least 500 years.

Foreign scholars themselves are confused and contradicting each other. Even Mr Vaidyanathan pointed out where Emeneau, Burrow, Paul Thieme and others differ in deciding a word is of Tamil or Munda or Sanskrit origin. In short Dravidian linguistics is not studied properly. All Tamil and Sanskrit scholars have pointed out the benders of Bishop Robert Caldwell. I have pointed out already even Neer/water is in old Greek (Nereids= water nymphs). Thanks to Mr Vaidyanathan we have at least a starting point. He has listed over 700 Tamil words in the Index as loan words. Since I think Tolkappiam(TK or Tol), Silappadikaram (CAM), Tirukkural (TKL) and Manimekalai belong to later period, I did not include them in the first part. My second part includes Post Rig Vedic or Post Sangam books.



kunam, kunan, virtues, ANN379-22, ANN 83-14

Guna , virtues in Manu குணம், குணன்


Neya, PNN 3-4, affection நேய

Sneha , affection, Maitr. Upa


pantam ,  CAM 10-213, attachment

Bandha, binding in RV பந்தம்


 koram, KLT 96-26, horrible

Ghora , horrible, in TS கோரம்


vekam , anger, PNN 37-2 வேகம்

Vega, violent agitation , in the case of earth quake,in  AV


Jnaanam, CAM 10-94, supreme knowledge

Jnana, knowledge, Sank. Sra ஞானம்


 antam, TOL.145-24, anti KLT.101-24, end

Anta, end, TS அந்தம்


antaram, difference,  CAM 3-143

Antara,difference in KALIDASA அந்தரம்


aakulam, sorrow, KLT 65-27 

Aaula , confusion, in R ஆகுலம்


 aanai, order, PP 170 ஆணை

Aajnaa, order, in MANU, in R


aayulvetar, CAM 5-44, those who have studied the science  of health ஆயுள்வேதர்

Aayurveda, science of health and medicine in VS


ilakkam, target, PNN 260-23

Lakshya , goal, in  EPICS இலக்கம்


 ilakkanam , definition, features, grammarTOL.543-4, 510-4

Lakshana, distinguishing marks in Kat.Sr இலக்கணம்


kaaranam, reason, cause, KLT 60-12 காரணம்

Kaarana, cause, reason in Ka. Sr


 ciirti, fame, PNN 15-18 சீர்த்தி/ கீர்த்தி

Kiirti, fame, in AV


taayam, right of inheritance,  PNP 132 

Daaya, inheritance in TS தாயம்


maattiram, only, KLT 47-22

Maatra, only in Sank. Sr மாத்திரம்


yavanar, PMP 316, the Greeks

Yavana, a Greek , AV. Parsis யவனர்

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