SWAMI CROSSWORD 462020 (Post No.8106)


Post No. 8106

Date uploaded in London – 4 June 2020       

Contact – swami_48@yahoo.com

Pictures are taken from various sources for spreading knowledge; this is a non- commercial blog. Thanks for your great pictures.


1. (8 letters )- Flute Music of Lord Krishna

5. (4)- virtues; classified as Satva, Rajo, and Tamasa

6. (8)- Hindu geographival division in the centre of Jaambudwipa; also the location of Sumeru mountain

8. (4)- pillar erected after each Yaga/fire sacrifice; they are found in Borneo of Indonesia 4h century CE of Mulavarman); also in Sangam Tamil literature

9. (4)- self; very much in Hindu Upanishads

10. – good smelling


1. (7)- third caste in Hindu classification of workers; people doing business

2. 4)- means heavy; Teacher, Planet Jupiter

3. (6)- gap, hanging in balance, different, in Sanskrit

4. (6)- mother of Anjaneya, also means black

7. (5) – king of Matsya desa; father of Uttara who was married to Abhimanyu


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