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Apparently, Hindus are still a living civilization, as the religion is still practised.  However, most English educated Hindus, who have been educated on colonial model would not regard themselves consciously as a civilisation.. Islam has been fighting Hindus for a thousand years. The Old India- which comprised the present India, Pakistan and Bangladesh – now holds the largest Muslim population in the world! One may judge for oneself whether Hinduism has been winning or losing!

The largest Muslim population in a country is in Indonesia, a nation home to 12.7% of the world’s Muslims, followed by Pakistan (11.0%), India (10.9%), and Bangladesh (9.2%).

 Indonesia also has a larger Muslim population than any other country in the world, with approximately 202.9 million identifying themselves as Muslim (87.2% of Indonesia’s total population in 2011).

Total Muslim population of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh combined = 180mn + 190mn + 150mn = 520 million


Hindu India has been facing foreign invasions for the last thousand years, and yielding ground.

Europe invaded India (Hinduism ) economically, politically and ideologically. Though direct political domination has ended, economic and ideological domination continues with even greater intensity than before. Islam invaded us religiously and politically. Religious antagonism still continues, as this is the very basis of their religion.  China has invaded us militarily and challenges us politically and economically. Thus Hindu India has been the target of the three other civilizations. What are Hindus doing? 


Consider what is happening to Hindus in India. Muslims came and divided India, creating Pakistan and Bangladesh. But there are also Muslims in India and together the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent constitute the largest chuck of the world Muslim population! 

India has been declared a secular nation- not a Hindu nation. This notion of ‘secular’ is peculiar.  Muslims and Christians enjoy official minority status and attendant privileges- which are denied to the majority! Thus the 950 million Hindus- the third largest religious population in the world – has no homeland of its own! How many Hindus reflect on this?

With a huge Muslim population, strong Christian presence- both with world-wide ambitions, connections and resources (and Constitutionally guaranteed privileges), with the strong Chinese military and economic strength casting its shadow, India is now the stage where the conflict of civilizations is actually taking place. 

Hindus- Disparate groups

But Hindus- the natives of the land- do not react as a solid society! Hindus are not united or organised as a group, to face other groups. Nor are they conscious of their distinct civilisational identity, or proud of it. The philosophical unity of Hinduism is understood or appreciated only by a tiny few. The vast majority are adherents of various cults within it. The English educated Hindu youths are more western and secular by temperament than Hindu. The tendency today among politically conscious Hindus is to highlight the differences- emphasise the dividing elements be they language, theology, caste, community, region, even imaginary race- and seek privileges on that basis. The enemies of Hindus are taking advantage of these fault lines and further subdividing them. There is no overarching system or organization which can speak or act for the Hindus as a whole. It has been so easy to divide the Hindus!

Just as the West does not necessarily mean Christian nations, India does not today mean Hindu society. India today is an artificial political entity. [Modern Israel was created by the Western powers. Indian political constitution was created by Western educated Indians, borrowing from the West] The real India of the Hindus has largely disappeared. If today India defends itself, it does not mean it is defending Hindu civilization or Hindus! It means defending the secular political  entity- all- including  Muslims and Christians who are antagonistic to Hindus. How can Hindus defend themselves when they have no common consciousness? Each faction with its own political jagir can only promote itself at the cost of the others!


What should Hindus do? Read something Toynbee wrote over 60 years ago:

Toynbee argues that as civilizations decay, there is a “schism” within the society. In this environment of discord, people resort to archaism(idealization of the past), futurism (idealization of the future), detachment (removal of oneself from the realities of a decaying world), and transcendence (meeting the challenges of the decaying civilization with new insight, e.g., by following a new religion). From among members of an “internal proletariat” who transcend the social decay a “church” may arise. Such an association would contain new and stronger spiritual insights, around which a subsequent civilization may begin to form. Toynbee here uses the word “church” in a general sense, e.g., to refer to a collective spiritual bond found in common worship, or the unity found in an agreed social order.

This is an extract from Wikipedia. This applies to what Hinduism and Hindus are experiencing now i.e they are decaying!


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