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Let me continue with the ‘Hymn to Earth’ found in the 12th book of Atharva Veda (AV)

4 out of 63 (AV.12-1- 4)

The fourth stanza/mantra is almost a repetition of third stanza. Here the poet prays for more cattle and crops from earth. Vedic society was an agricultural society mainly based in villages; Rig Veda (RV), the oldest book in the world, shows us the oldest democracy in the world. We come across names of scores of kings in the RV in addition to Sabha (elected assembly) and Samiti. ‘Sabha’ is used throughout India and Samiti=Committee (correct pronunciation is Samittee and not Kamilttee) throughout the world. We also come across Gramani= Village chief. The word Grama=village is known to every Indian.


Mantra 5/63

Moving to fifth stanza /mantra, we hear the old stories ; Devas defeated the demons; this shows there has been an opposition party from the very beginning. Like we have positive and negative nodes in electricity, a society must always have an opposition party. Otherwise, the rulers will go berserk. This opposition party is supported in the Upanishadic story as well; Kanchi Shankaracharya (1894-1994) spread the story throughout the world through United Nations where his Sanskrit song was sung by most famous musician of India MS Subbulakshmi. There he incorporated the  ‘D D D’ story from the oldest Upanishad. Damyata, Dayatva and Datta

Damyata = CONTROL yourself; advice to Devas

Datta = don’t keep everything for you ; share it; GIVE; advise to greedy mankind.

Dayatva = be MERCIFUL; advise to Asuras/Demonic forces.

This story of 3 DDD sounds from the Thunder show that Hindus used Nature to Teach and to Learn.

This story shows Opposition Party/ Asura will always be there. But such demonic forces will be defeated says stanza five of AV 12-5

The same stanza prays for magnificence and lustre.

The words used are Bhagam and Varchas

Varchas is Spiritual quality.

Bhaga means six types of treasures/ virtues.

God is called Bhagavan in Sanskrit because He is the source of Six Bhagas. They are

1.Vairagya (no worldly desire or passion)

2.Aiswarya (prosperity)

3.Kirti (fame)

4.Gnana (wisdom, knowledge)

5. Bhala (Strength) and

6.Sree/Lakkshmi (Wealth)

So the Sanskrit words BHAGA and VARCAS in the fifth mantra are very important.



Mantra 6 out of 63

Here the poet describes Mother Earth as gold breasted and sweet hearted. Breast feeding is encouraged throughout the world. All credits go to Hindus for two reasons:-

1.Vedas encourage breast feeding. We have similes showing loving mothers feeding babies; here Mother earth’s breasts are praised as Golden

2.Hindus discovered cow’s milk is the closest alternate to mother’s milk. They  domesticated that animal and made it mother of human race and called it Go Matha (Cow Mother; both English words are actually Sanskrit words! Go=cow, Matha=mother)

So, earth’s breasts are praised gold breasted, treasure bearing, firm staying. Indra, who is like bull, is requested to shower wealth on us.


Mantra 7/ 63

Here the earth is praised as sweet hearted. Sweet honey MADHU is referred here and HEART (hrudaya) is mentioned  in the 8th stanza.

Here we come across the word UNSLEEPING Devas. This is reference to Extra Terrestrials (ET). Throughout Hindu spics and Puranas/mythologies, we have following qualities attributed to ETs.

1.They are in the form of Light; Devas meaning Light Emitting.

2.They don’t wink their eyes; like fish they don’t close their eyes. Even Tamil poet Tiru Valluvar compared Devas with Thieves ; he humorously refers to thieves as Devas because thieves also never sleep during night (Kural 1073) .This is my interpretation of Kural. Other old interpreters said both are same because they can do whatever they want to do; It doesn’t look right to me. Moreover, Valluvar used the Sanskrit word Devas instead of God (Iraivan).

3.They cant have sex in the heaven. (they come to earth for it)

4.They can travel to Earth with the speed of Mind (faster than Light; Einstein is only 50 % right)

5.Their feet don’t touch earth/ground (always flying)

6.Their garlands never wither away (because of metals like gold ?)

7.They are always happy

8.They enjoy Dance and Music of Gandharvas and Apsaras

9.Even the Indus/Harappan symbol of Fish is compared to Devas by some scholars because both ‘Shine’ and both ‘never close their eyes’.

The seventh mantra says Devas protect earth without erring. This mean aliens are always watching us. Intergalactic traveller NARADA visits earth now and then. Poet prays to earth to shower sweets on us. Madhu used here is Honey used in all poems on Asvins in the RV. Name of Narada appears fro the first time in AV.


Biology and Theory of Evolution in 8th Mantra (8/63)

Eighth stanza, mantra begins with the line ‘Earth, at first which was in the water of the ocean’  — all the biologists agree that the earth was full of water for some time and then slowly life evolved in water in the form of Phyto planktons. Its heart was eternal heaven, and it was wrapped in Truth. That is beautiful. Vedic poets always emphasises the earth is still there because of Truth and Rhythm.

Dasavataras is in line with Theory of Evolution.

Please see the attachments of English and Sanskrit verses: –

mantras 4 and 5 .

mantras 6,7,8 given below

mantras 6,7,8


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