Wit and Wisdom of Bhagavan Ramana Maharishi! (Post No.10,507)

Post No. 10,507
Date uploaded in London – – 31 DECEMBER 2021

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Special article for Ramana Jayanthi
Ramana Maharishi birthday falls on 30th December
Birth : 30-12-1879 Samadhi : 14-4-1950)

Wit and Wisdom of Bhagavan Ramana maharishi!

Santhanam Nagarajan

Ramana Maharishi birthday falls on 30th December
(Birth : 30-12-1879 Samadhi : 14-4-1950)

Ramana maharishi showed the simplest path for salvation. He put forth the path of Self Enquiry to all.

“Just Enquire Who Am I? You will get the answers for all of your questions.”

This is a simple upadesh but yet difficult to follow.

Naina, one of his finest devotees, observed, “ In going forward one can run any distance at any speed, but when it is a question of going backwards, that is turning inwards, even one step is hard to take”.

By his rare and simple words, he taught big secrets to his disciples.

Once Devararaja Mudaliyar, a renowned devotee wanted to fix the oscillation of the fan correctly towards Bhagavan .
Suddenly he had the doubt. He asked maharishi whether this small act of turning the fan towards Bhagavan was also pre- determined.

Without a moment’s hesitation, Ramana replied, “yes, yes”.

People who wanted to test and win over him learned a lesson, definitely.

Once a youth came to him and told Ramana that since he was All Knowing One he wanted him to tell whether he would attain mukthi.

Immediately Bhagavan retorted, If he is the ONE, then there is no second person. If he is not all knowing ONE, then he is also in the same state as that of the youth. In any way he could not answer the question. The youth went away dumb-founded.

Once two Muslims came to him and asked ramanar whether God had a form. Ramanar replied, “ Who says so?”

The muslims were very enthusiastic to put forth further questions.

They said, “If God has no form, is it not proper to worship idols?”.

Ramanar asked whether they had a form.
” Yes” said the visitors.
Then Bhavan asked them whether they find themselves in the deep sleep.

The reply was: “After waking I perceive that I was asleep. Therefore by inference I remained this in deep sleep also”.

Then Bhagavan said:” If you are the body why do they bury the corpse after death? The body must refuse to be buried”.

The Muslim gentleman immediately argued, “No, I am the subtle Jiva within the gross body”.

Then Bhagavan told him that actually then he is really formless, but identifying himself with the body. As long as he is formful why should not he worship the formless God as being formful?

The questioner was baffled and perplexed.

Many events proved that his wit and wisdom is of the highest order.

— subham —

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