Parsi Miracle in the Court of Akbar (Post No.10,597)


Post No. 10,597

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Parsi Miracle in the Court of Akbar

Parsis are proud of Dastur Meherji Rana (1536-1591) who expounded the Zoroastrian religion at the court of Akbar, and invested the emperor with the two great symbols of the faith, the Sudra and the Kushti. Dastur Meherji Rana participated in the religious debates held at Fatehpur Sikri. He also installed the sacred fire with due Zoroastrian rites. The fire was placed in charge of Shaikh Abul Fazal, the court historian, who was commanded never to let it go out.

Akbar held Dastur Meherji Rana in great respect and awarded him 200 bighas of land as a subsistence allowance, which, after his death, increased by one half in favour of his son Kaikobad.

According to Parsi tradition  Dastur Meherji Rana  performed a miracle at Akbar’s court which impressed all present. The story goes that a Hindu priest who claimed magical powers and who called himself Jagatguru, spiritual instructor of people, sent up into the sky a large metal disc which shone like a second sun. He challenged those present at the court to bring the platter down. The Maulvis and Ulemas were not successful, but they heard that a Zoroastrian priest at Navsari in Gujarat, who was ready to take up the challenge. He was sent for. On arrival, Dastur Meherji Rana lit the sacred fire in the midst of the assembly , and started to recite certain prayer from the Avesta. The platter fell clattering to the ground.

Tansen, the famous singer who came to the Mughal court around 1562, commemorated the event by composing a beautiful Khyal, Hindustani ballad. In it the Dastur is described as the long bearded Parsi, Mehriar, whose prayers were recited in front of the sacred fire fed with sandal wood and incense, and were found acceptable to god . Tansen concludes his Khyal by telling Akbar that Dastur Meherji Rana is ‘Flower of Paradise’ . The poem is still extant.

There is also a beautiful Mogul miniature depicting Dastur Meherji Rana , seated wearing the flowing white robes of a Parsi priest and with a red Fenton (round hat) on his head.

Source book -THE PARSIS , Piloo Nanavutty, 1977


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