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Bhumi Sukta  from Atharvana Veda (Book/Kandam 12) continued………..

Please see the attachments for the original Sanskrit and translation of the verses.

In the stanza or mantra 52, we see the poet praying for the welfare of every household. This is the uniqueness of the Vedas. They pray for ‘Us’ and not ‘Me’. There is a beautiful colour description. The morning and night are described as Red and Black. Tamils say Night and Day. Sanskrit literature says Day and Night. This leads me to a hypothesis. Why is it reversed. We see it in many other expressions too. This , I think,  shows the way they wrote the script. Since Vedic people in Indus valley wrote from right to left and the Tamils came later wrote from left to right like modern languages, this reversal happened. Aho Ratri in Sanskrit and Pahal/Day , Iravu/Night in Tamil.


In the stanza or mantra 53, we see great self confidence in the Vedic community. They did not expect any freebies from the Government or kings. They did not go for ‘buy one get one free’. The poet says the God has given me the whole wide place and intellect; I am happy

He says I have got sky and earth; all the Vedic gods have given me intellect.


In the stanza or mantra 54

VENI VIDI VICI (Came, I Saw, I Conquered)

Julius Caesar’s (47 BCE)  famous words Veni, Vidi, Vici ( I came, I saw, I conquered in Latin) are known to most of you. But they are only 2100-year-old. Thousands of years before Julius Caesar, we see Vedic poet declaring “ I AM VICTORIOUS; I AM CALLED THE MOST EXALTED ON EARTH, A CONQUEROR EVERYWHERE, A CONQUEROR OVER EVERYTHING, I AM A VICTOR ON EVERY SIDE”.

Probably Caesar learnt it from us. I say it with a proof. The Vedic Mitra cult was borrowed by the Iranians (also known as Parsis or Zoroastrians) from the Hindu Vedas and spread it to Rome. Mithra cult was at a peak in Rome around Caesar’s period. By that time it became a secret cult practised in underground temples by the soldiers. Now anyone visiting Roma in Italy can see them. It went there via Iran/ Paraseeka  in a deteriorated form. Parsi’s Veda Zend Avesta relegated Indra to back , dubbing him as a demon, but retained Mitra-Varuna in high position. Throughout the Rig Veda we see Mitra-Varuna pair and Indra-Agni pair. Parsis has the Mitra prayer which is recited by every brahmin in the morning (Mitrasya …… mantra in the morning Sandhya Vandana). It shows the Romans were familiar with Vedic Mantras. Historians like Herodotus also said Indians formed a big battalion in the Persian army 2400 years ago.

This is the Self Confidence, positive thinking, we see throughout the Four Vedas. Atharvana is the last of the four Vedas.

Greatest of the modern Tamil poets, Subrahmanya Bharati also echoed it in his verses:-


(1).SUCCESS in all the undertakings

SUCCESS wherever the eyes do fall

SUCCESS crowning each utterance,

These I sought and Kali gave!

Though a god should stand in the way

Or the race of man be ranged against

Kali great in grace would quell.

(2).SUCCESS sure to all thoughts

Everywhere and in everything!

Dear to me like eyes and life

Here graced me Mother Kali!

Wont earth and air, and fire and water

And heaven also before them bow

Won’t serve adore and serve,

Such as hail Kali’s feet?

(Kali= Mother Earth; Bharat= whole earth in Atharva Veda)


 In the stanza or mantra 55

Here we see the poet describing the changing world. He says the earth is progressing forward (in space, in time and in customs). Even Devas/ heavenly angels praise the earth; because of Devas accolades, the glory of the earth has increased. Now it is known in all the four directions. If we replace the word earth with Bharat/ India it would be more appropriate. That is what the great poet did in his Tamil poem CHATRAPATHY SHIVAJI:-

Lines 35 to 40

Divine home of angels! Glorious land

Eagerly sought by the holy Munis(saints)

No imperfection mars this land of wisdom!

Majestic land by celestials sought

Is Bharat’s glory by me effable?

You are her children never forget this.

To be continued……………………….

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