Learn Tamil Verbs Sleep/தூங்கு, Drink/குடி (Post No.11,355)


Post No. 11,355

Date uploaded in London – 14 OCTOBER 2022                  

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Lesson 8

I will give you one more clue today.

So far we have covered many verbs including Buy/vaangu and Read/padi.

If you know the conjugation of one verb, you may use it for other similar sounding words; you will be 99 percent right; but there may be few exceptions.

I have given a list below of similar sounding verbs. It is not exhaustive. At one stage I will give you 700 Tamil verbs classified into Seven classes.


To day we are learning two new verbs Sleep தூங்கு and Drink குடி.

See the attachments.


வினைச் சொற்கள் Verbs ,

Kudi குடி Drink ,

Adi அடி Hit ,

Padi படி Read or Study ,

Thudi துடி Throb, Vibrate ,

Vadi வடி Filter

Thuungu தூங்கு Sleep,

Thangu தங்கு Stay,

Mungu முங்கு Dip, sink, go under the water , Thaangu தாங்கு bear, uphold ,

Vaangu வாங்கு buy, receive, got

To be continued…………………………Tags- Verbs, Drink, Sleep, Tamil Lesson, 

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