Learn Tamil Verbs: Lesson 13 –Two More Verbs (ஆகு , ஆக்கு) Post No.11,372


Post No. 11,372

Date uploaded in London – 19 OCTOBER 2022                  

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ஆக்கு make

நான் சோறு ஆக்கினேன் = I made rice ( I cooked rice)


ஆகு- become

நான் சந்யாசி ஆனேன் I became an ascetic

The two verbs look almost similar, but completely different in meaning.

Now you may practise Present, Past and Future with these two New Verbs.

From today, I split the page into two, so that you can see them clearly.

Let us learn Imperative (Commands) in the next class (but have a look at the tables for Imperatives)Tags- Make, become, Tamil verbs, lesson 13

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