Tons of Gold: 400,000 bars!


By London Swaminathan

Bank of England in London is giving you an opportunity to see loads of gold from your desk. People who visit London used to go to Thredneedle Street in the heart of the city to see the bank of England vault. Here afterwards you can see all the 400,000 gold via internet on you computer.

400,000 bars each weighing 13 Kilos (29 pounds)!

Each bar is worth £350,000 X 90 rupees (in Indian money)

Total worth £150 billion!

They are all stacked up in rows like bricks for building work!

This building is known as Old Lady of Thread needle Street. Monetary Policy Committee meets to set interest rate every month. The bank has occupied this site from 1734.

gold 3

Now anyone can get a free application. It is available free on the Apple store and Google play market place. It includes 360 degree panoramic tours.

You can visit the bank’s vault, which contains some of its vast stock of currency notes.

You may visit Bank of England website for more details.

Indian Kings had such treasures once. They were all plundered y foreign invaders. Gemmologists who visited Vijayanagar Empire were amazed at Krishna Devaraya’s treasure and could not estimate his wealth. Even today India is the richest country in the world if you take it into account the gold held by individuals. The largest gold coin was issued by India. The largest Golden Temple in the world is in Tamil Nadu. Indian treasures are in the museums of London, Tehran, Paris and in private hands.

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