SWAMI’S CROSS WORD 281119 (Post No.7273)



Date: 28 NOVEMBER 2019

Time  in London – 16-29

Post No. 7273

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1. –(6 letters) Name of a star in the 27 star system of Hindus. Name of a month as well

6.–(7) that which is indestructible in Sanskrit. On Trtyai with this word women by tons of gold in India. Draupadi had a vessel with this name.

8. – (5) descendant of Ahu ; surname in Punjab and Sind; mainly in business

9.(4) – meaning first in Sanskrit. Brahmin streets had this prefix

10. – (4) world money came from this Sanskrit word, always go with karsha…..; hood of a snake


1.(5 letters)  – shade in Sanskrit; wife of Sun God

2.(5) – meaning sugarcane. First king of solar dynasty with this prefix  brought sugarcane cultivation into this world

3. (5/6) Bull ; with long sound masculine girl; mannish woman

4. (6)- immutable, imperishable

5. (6)- brownish, tawny also name of Rishis and poets

7. – (4) name of Kubera as well as a cheat, rogue


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