Swami’s Crossword 91219 (Post No.7315)

Swami’s Crossword 91219 (Post No.7315)



Date: 9 DECEMBER 2019

 Time in London – 9-27 am

Post No. 7315

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1. (8 letters)- the last of the four Hind Yugas

7. (6)- wave in Sanskrit; famous slokas of Sankara has this suffix

8. (5)- one of the names of Indra

9. (5)- elephant; prefix of Pandava’s capital city


1. (7)- abode of Shiva on the Himalayas

2. (5)- creeper is Sanskrit; common name of girls

3. (5)- pilgrimage; travel

6. (5)- education; common name of girls

4. (6)- a disciple of Vishwamitra; he was asked to produce 800 moon white horses with one ear black each.

5. (6)- impassable, un attainable, inaccessible in Sanskrit; used as name of Hindu children.

indra and kala