SWAMI’S CROSS WORD 101119 (Post No.7199)

WRITTEN BY London Swaminathan


Date: 10  NOVEMBER 2019

Time  in London – 5-53 am

Post No. 7199

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1. (6) – enemy of Nagas

6. (4) – Petals of this Flower is used to make Gulkand

7. – big noise, sound in Sanskrit

8. – Urad dhal in Sanskrit with which South Indians make Vadai

10.– founder of Indina physics also known as Vaiseshika

11. – friend in Sanskrit

1. (5) – oldest woman philosopher in the world who challenged a great scholar in a big philosophers conference

2. (8) – King and Queen in Chess Chatur Anga

3. (5) – simile in Sanskrit and Tamil

4. – firm; also the name of Pole Star which is named after a Hindu boy

5. – name of a tree and a great emperor

9. – That which is true