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A poor Brahmin in a village used to beg and give what he got into the hands of his wife. She used to cook and set out the food and in doing so strike her husband one blow daily with the broom stick. So thinking, she is a termagant, how many days must I endure beating at her hands, he said to his wife,

“I am going to neighbouring village for ten days.”

“If you go, whom shall I beat with this broom stick? “She asked.

He replied, “there is a Peepal (peepul) tree , that I have tended, beat that”.

Accordingly when he had left, setting out the food, she struck the tree with the broom stick.

That blow fell on a hobgoblin who had been living in the tree for a long time.

On this the ghost said to itself, “Oh my god, she is a greater hobgoblin than I “and ran away from the tree.

While running away it saw the woman’s husband who was walking towards next village. The hobgoblin called out, “my body aches from being struck one day only. How many days have you been beaten! I will do you a favour to get rid you of her persecution.

If you ask what it is, I will take possession of the daughter of the king of this place. Whoever comes and make incantations I will not go. But if you come, I will leave her. You will be rewarded by the king. You can live happily” .

So saying the ghost entered into king’s daughter. The king sent for many sorcerers around the country, but could not drive away the ghost.

The Brahmin also went, pretended as a sorcerer and said to the spirit after some incantations,

“Leave the king’s daughter now and go”.

The ghost replied, “I will go now. But if you come to me for the second time, I will kill you”.

So saying it went away.

The king finding the spirit was gone , rewarded the Brahmin who pretended as a sorcerer. The king asked the ‘sorcerer’ to stay in the palace permanently.

Whilst it was so, the spirit entered into the daughter of king’s minister. When the king came to know about it, he sent the palace sorcerer to the minister’s house.

Accordingly, he went to the place and the spirit became angry and came to kill him, saying, “why have you come? Don’t you remember my condition?”

“My wife is coming to strike you again. I came to you, just to tell you the news and warn you”.

As soon as the hobgoblin heard this, ran away from the palace as quickly as possible.

–a Tamil folk tale from 1896 book –

( I have already posted one similar story replacing the Brahmin with a crude singer)

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