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Date: 24 OCTOBER 2019
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I had to attend two Deepa Avali (Lamps Row) functions yesterday; the first one was at the chapel of Northwick Park Hospital in Harrow area of greater London. We do weekly Hindu Bhajan at the chapel every Wednesday and so we did the Diwali (Deepa avali) event yesterday. About 100 patients, staff, volunteers and guests attended the event.

After the prayers, sweets were distributed. An outside Bhajan troupe and Hare Krishna temple priest did the prayers along with weekly volunteers Mrs Annapurani Panchanathan and Mr Balasubramanian.

Participants were very enthusiastic about the individual Aarti in the Damodhar Puja done by  Hare Krishna temple priest. Hindu Chaplain V. V. Swaminathan thanked everyone at the end.


Bob Blackmaan MP speaking

Inside British Parliament

Every year Hindu Forum of Britain celebrates the Deepavali on the terrace of the British Parliament. Anyone would appreciate the beautiful view of Thames River from the terrace , with colourful ferries running every minute.

Bob Blackman MP and the leader of the Hindu Parliamentary group and Lord Dholakia were the sponsors. Mr Blackman is known to every active Hindu in London. He visits at least nine Hindu temples on Deepavali day. Yesterday he joked in the meeting saying his Diwali begins in September and ends in December every year. He had to attend so many Diwali related events during this period.

While speaking Bob received big applause from the audience for supporting the Indian Government action in Kashmir. He praised the Indian government for giving equal law to every citizen of India. He condemned the planned Pro Pakistani rally towards High Commission of India on Deepavali day (27-10-2019). He told the audience that the government would take appropriate action to prevent any untoward incident.

(During last Pakistani Muslim demonstration, they attacked High Commission building. When Indian PM Modi visited two years ago, they burnt Indian National Flag along with Anti Indian Dravidians and Khalistanis, after everyone left the area).

Bob praised the Hindus for living peacefully without disturbing anyone. He warned the Hindu women to be careful on Diwali day while they visit temples. Lot of Gold Chain snatching incidents happen during that period.

Bob wished everyone Subha Diwali.

Lord Navnit Dolakia, Bob and HFB President Truptiben

Lord Dholakia mentioned about the 39 dead bodies that were found on the day and asked all the Hindus to pray for the departed souls (39 immigrants from East European countries died mysteriously in the frozen compartment of a lorry). He asked Hindus to come forward and take part in politics. He praised the law-abiding Hindus and said even inside the prisons we find very few Hindus where as Muslims occupy 25 percent.

Earlier President of the Hindu Forum Truptiben Patel welcomed the gathering and said the 2 percent Hindus in the country contribute a lot for the development of the country.

(My Comments– Every council in London has got lot of Muslim councillors; the current Mayor of London is of Pakistani origin. Hindus very rarely take part in politics. Most of the National Lottery funding goes to Christian and Muslim organisations. British Government also helps Christian charities which believe in conversions. Oxfam, Christian Aid and many proselytising organisations get government funding.  During Labour rule millions of Muslims were allowed to enter the country as refugees. Muslim chaplains in hospitals and prisons outnumber Christian chaplains. Most of the refugees support the Labour Party. Now they are numerically more. Every Muslim in Britain has got 4 to 16 children whereas Hindus have one or two children).

Another MP (Paul) speaking


British M.P. visits 7 Hindu Temples on New Year Day! (Post No.3313)

Angus Robertson and Bob Blackman, British MPs and Friends of Hindus.


Written  by London Swaminathan


Date: 2  November 2016


Time uploaded in London: 18-57


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Pictures are taken by London swaminathan.


Gowri Prabhu of Hare Krishna Temple doing Prayer

We had the Deepavali (Diwali) celebrations in the British Parliament in London on behalf of the Hindu Forum of Britain on Wednesday the 26th of October 2016. As an executive committee member and Chairman of the Chaplaincy Board of the Hindu Forum of Britain, I attended the crowded meeting. We celebrate the Deepavali every year in the Parliament. This year minister Priti (Pretty)  Patel (Secretary of State for International Development) along with several MPs and Lords attended the event.


As usual every speaker reminded us that it was the celebration of victory of good over evil, wisdom over ignorance, light over darkness. All the speakers referred to Rama’s return to Ayodhya, but none referred to Krishna’s victory over Narakasura of Assam(Kamarup). Krishna’s story is more popular in the south of India.


The most interesting thing is that Bob Blackman MP and the Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group of Hindus, told the meeting that he visits eight Hindu temples every year on the New Year day and this year he has decided to visit at least nine temples, if possible more than nine. He leaves home around 7 am on the New Year day and visits the temple until midnight! He received thundering applause when he said this. Minister Priti Patel said that she was proud to be a British Hindu.



President of HFB Mrs Trupti Patel

Angus Robertson MP and SNP Westminster Group leader said that he wanted to confess one thing. Since he is from Scotland he said that Scotland is darker than other parts of Britain during Deepavali period and he wanted more Hindus to come to Scotland to lit up the place with more lamps. He received a big applause. He also mentioned that less number of Hindus live in Scotland than England.


The newly appointed Hindu to the House of Lords, Lord Jitesh Gadhia said that he took the oath with Rig Veda in his hand because it was the oldest scripture and has common prayers for all. He also received a big applause.


Since Kashmir day was celebrated a few hours before our function, Kashmir Maharaja’s grandson also came to the event with the MPs from that meeting. He was honoured because his granddad was the one who signed the treaty to stay in the Union of India. Many of the speakers praised the British soldiers and the Indian soldiers who are fighting a common enemy – the Muslim terrorists.

(Extreme right) Grand son of Maharajah of Kashmir

Sine Prime Minister Theresa May was busy with government  affairs her Deepavali Message was read by Bob Blackman.


Hindus are the biggest ethnic minority in the British Armed forces. Lot of MPs thanked the Hindus for developing the country economically and physically protecting the country.

The event was well attended and well organised by the HFB President Mrs Trupti Patel and Secretary General Ms Panna Arjan Velaria Mlod. A souvenir was also released on the day. Entertainment was provided by young artistes.


Minister Priti (Pretty) Patel is interviewed by TV people near the hall

Sai School of Harrow Students singing