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I wrote an article under the title ‘IS BRAHMASTRA A NUCLEAR WEAPON?’ In 2005 in the SOUTH INDIAN SOCIETY , LONDON souvenir.  When I published it in 2011 in my blogs it received big hits.

Then I wrote ‘HINDUS DISOVERED HOMEOPATHY’; Hindu pilgrims first take three doses (chirps)  of water in very small quantities from whichever part of the country they visit; it is called ACHAMANA in Sanskrit. Then they get full immunity/protection from the water sources of the area; Likeness cures likeness.

Hindus ban sleeping Head towards North; when the satellites noticed that cows and bulls always stand in north- south direction while grazing, they wondered why and found out magnetic force of earth affects them. I pointed out that it is in our scriptures.

I wrote HINDU WISDOM: COPPER KILLS BACTERIA in my blogs in 2012. After seven years, the whole world published news item as if it is a new discovery of 2019. I was laughing. Seven year old experiment done in Birmingham hospitals was published by me in 2012 itself and they published it as NEW!

New Scientist published an article how thought power helps in flying air planes; and  I compared it with Rama’s thought powered Pushpaka Vimana and wrote HOW DID RAMA FLY HIS PUHPAKA VIMANA? In my blog.

TIME TRAVEL: My article on TWO TAMIL SAINTS TIME TRAVEL attracted good reception from the readers. I also pointed out Arjuna’s Inter Galactic Travel to Alen Worlds described in Vana Parva of Mahabharata. Matali piloted the Space Shuttle. Dilation of Time is also described in our scriptures.Time Travel is possible according to Hindu scriptures. There is a short cut to beat Einstein’s Theory, I wrote.

Mars is the son of Earth-

Navagraha Hymns in Sanskrit describe each planet; of them Mars description says it is Son of Earth; future discoveries will show Mars terrain is exactly same like earth. I showed all descriptions in Navagraha Slokas are slowly being Rediscovered by NASA and other Space Research organisations. Our description of Jupiter as Guru (means Heavy) and Guru because of its sling shot effect on flying satellites makes it more scientific.

Description about Aliens and ETs in Hindu scriptures are amazing; they describe aliens in seven ways such as they never wink, they wear garland that never wither away, their feet never touches earth, they cant have sex in heaven, because Parvati banned it etc. I wrote an article with all the qualities of aliens in DO HINDUS BELIEVE IN ETs and ALIENS?

My article on AMAZING TEN MEDICAL DISCOVERIES IN MAHABHARATA describing Cloning, Test Tube Babies, Siamese Twins (Jarasandha) etc is also well received. I also pointed out that Boomerang Principle in Sudarsana Chakra, Cloning in Rakta Bhija story etc.

Even the proverbs in Tamil and Sanskrit give lot of information; Energy can neither be created nor destroyed (Ullathu Pokathu ; Illathu Varathu in Tamil), Macrocosm is in our body/Microcosm (Andathil Ullathu Pindathilum Undu in Tamil); earth has got 84 lakh different creatures (84 Laksha Yoni Bedha in Sanskrit) etc. Biology agrees with this number 8.4 million living beings.

Hindu scriptures have its own language in describing science to make it understandable to laymen; I pointed out in my article GREAT ENGINEERS OF ANCIENT INDIA that AGASTYA DRANK OCEAN means he was the first one to cross ocean with a massive naval force to South East Asia where Hindus ruled ten countries for 1500 years. In the same article I pointed out how Bhageeratha and Agastya diverted Ganges and Kaveri into new direction; Balarama carried ploughshare and spread agriculture throughout India. Even the famous story GOLDEN HANDED PANDYA showed the surgery of hand and fixing of golden hand. Nagaratna is the infra red ray organ with which the snakes look for their prey in also in my article

River Ganges is found from CONGO river in central Africa to Mekong (Ma Ganga) of S E Asia. Even GONDWANA LAND is not understood by many as Khandava Vana people. When Arjuna and Krishna burnt Khandava Vana (GOND WANA) there was a big protest from the GOND tribe. But at the end there was a compromise with two Tribal leaders Mayan and Daksha. And Krishna and Arjuna helped Mayan to migrate and start a new civilization in South America; now we know Mayan Civilization, Egyptian Civilization and Sumerian civilizations begin in 3102 BCE (Kaliyuga first year). Egyptians even named first king as MANU .(Menes)

Though the links of India with all parts of the world are dealt with by hundreds of authors before me I added new discoveries such as Atharvana Veda mantra, Tirumular Poem in Egyptian Pyramids; First king of Vietnam was a Pandya king by name Sri Mara (Tiru Maran) in my article THE PANDYA KING WHO RULED VIETNAM. I cant list all my History discoveries here because  they are in hundreds of articles. I have clearly shown the date of Manu, Kalidasa, Vedic Civilization etc.

I have done extensive research on VAHANAS in the Middle East and Europe and compared them with Hindu Gods’ Vahaanas. All the theories put forward by foreign authors are shown wrong

I have listed scores of TAMIL words in Greek and Sumerian languages.

Since my contribution in 11 plus years run to over 6000 articles I wanted to draw your attention to those discoveries; now that I have started publishing Index to my 6000 plus articles, interested people may save the titles they are interested in and read leisurely. My discoveries in Tamil Sangam Literature and Four Vedas themselves will make a long list. Please go through the Index that is published regularly. Your comments are always welcome.

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