Famous Yogi Explains Miracles- Part 1


Paramahamsa Yogananda (1893-1952) is one of the greatest Yogis of modern India. He entered Mahasamadhi  in Los Angeles, California, USA on 7th March 1952. The great world teacher demonstrated the value of Yoga not only in life but also in death. Weeks after his departure his unchanged face shone with the divine lustre of incorruptibility: “ The absence of any visual signs of decay in the dead body of Paramahamsa Yogananda offers the most extraordinary case in our experience…….. No physical disintegration was visible in his body even twenty days after death…… No indication of mould was visible on his skin and no visible desiccation took place in the bodily tissue”, was the report of Mr Harry T. Rowe, Los Angeles Mortuary Director.

“An Autobiography of a Yogi” written by Paramahamsa Yogananda sold millions of copies in different languages. “The Master Said” was a book of his quotations and anecdotes. Following excerpts explain the miracles. Since he was a great Yogi he explains how miracles happen in simple terms.

(Sub headings only are mine, rest is from the book. I have selected only anecdotes where he dealt with the miracles.)


1.Why Gurus don’t cure disciples’ sickness?

“When a certain student became sick, Paramahamsaji asked her to see a doctor. A disciple asked:

Master why didn’t you heal her?

“Those that have received from God the power of healing use it only when He commands”, the Guru replied.  “The Lord knows that sometimes it is necessary for his children to undergo suffering. People who want divine healings should be ready to live in accordance with God’s laws. No permanent healing is possible if a person continues to make the same mistakes and thus invites the return of the disease. True healing is effected only through spiritual understanding. Man’s ignorance of his real nature or soul is the root cause of all other evils—physical, material and mental”, said the Master.


2.Did Jesus change water into wine?

Master, how could Jesus change water into wine? A disciple asked. Yoganadaji replied: “The universe is the result of a play of light—vibration of life energy. The motion pictures of creation, like scenes on a cinema screen, are projected and made visible through beams of light. Christ perceived the cosmical essence as light; in his eyes no essential difference existed between the light rays composing water and the light rays composing wine. Like God in the beginning of creation, Jesus was able to command the vibrations of life energy to assume different forms.

All men that overpass the delusory realms of relativity and duality enter the true world of Unity. They become one with Omnipotence, even as Christ said ‘He that believeth on me, the work that I do shall he do also: the greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father (John 14-12).

3. Ancient Saints visit Earth

Yoganandaji and a group of disciples were taking their evening exercise on the lawn of the Encinitas hermitage. One of the young men inquired about a certain saint, whose name he did not know.

Sir, he said “it was the master who appared before you here some months ago”

“I don’t remember”, Paramahamsaji replied.

“it was out in the back garden, Sir”.

“ Many visit me there; I see some who have passed on, and some who are still on earth”.

“How wonderful, Sir”

“Wherever a devotee of God is, there His saints come”. The guru passed a minute or two while he did a few exercises. Then he said:

“ Yesterday, while I was meditating in my room, I wanted to know certain things about the life of a great master of ancient times. He materialized before me. We sat on my bed for a long time, side by side, holding hands.”

“Sir, did he tell you about his life?”

“Well, Yoganandaji answered, “in the interchange of vibratio I got the whole picture”.


4.Why do Great Saints “Suffer”?

With awe the disciples were discussing the sufferings gladly endured by the martyred saints of history. The Master said:

“ The fate of the body is wholly unimportant to a man of God realization. The physical form is like a plate that a devotee uses while he eats the wisdom-dinner of life. After his hunger has been eternally satisfied, of what worth is the plate? It may get broken, but the devotee hardly notices. He is absorbed in the Lord”.

“ The life of each Master follows a certain unseen pattern. St Francis was afflicted with diseases; the fully emancipated Christ allowed himself to be crucified. Other great personages such as St Thomas Aquinas and Lahiri Mahasaya passed their days without tremendous stress or tragedy. Saints attain final salvation from backgrounds vastly different. True sages demonstrate that, regardless of external conditions, they are able to reflect the Divine Image within them”.


5. Why some Yogis don’t use Miracles?

Paramahamsa Yogananda said to his disciples on one occasion, “Most people are interested in miracles and wish to see them. But my Master, Sri Yukteswarji, who had control over all natural forces, held very stern views on the subject. Just before I left India for lecture in America, he said to me, ‘Arouse in men the love of God. Don’t draw them to you by displays of unusual powers’. If I walked on fire and water, and filled every auditorium in the land with curiosity seekers, what good would come of it? See the stars, the clouds, and the ocean; see the mist on the grass. Can any miracle of man compare with these essentially inexplicable phenomena? Even so, few men are led through Nature to love God—the Miracle of all Miracles”.

Picture: Sri Yogananda with Sri Ramana Maharishi


6. How do Gurus help save their disciples?

How may a saint take on himself the bad karma of others? A student asked. The Master replied:

“If you saw that someone was going to hit another, you could step in front of the intended victim and let the blow fall on you. That is what a great master does. He perceives, in the lives of his devotees, when unfavourable effects of their past bad karma are about to descend on them. If he thinks it wise, he employs a certain metaphysical method by which he transfers to himself the consequences of his disciple’s errors. The Law of Cause and Effect operates mechanically or mathematically; yogis understand how to switch its currents. Because saints are conscious of God as eternal being and Inexhaustible Energy, they are able to survive blows that would kill an ordinary man. Their minds are unaffected by physical disease or worldly misfortunes.”

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