Story of Athena and Ganga Devi! (Post No.4125)

Written by London Swaminathan

Date: 3 August 2017

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Post No. 4125

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The story of Athena, the Greek Goddess, is a symbolic one. We have such symbolism in the Vedic literature. Athena personifies wisdom, like Goddess Sarasvati. She was a virgin and is the protective genius of the City nation .

Our tourist guide in Athens compared Ganga’s (Ganges) descending from heaven and Shiva holding her in his head and Ganga emerging from his head

The myth of the birth of Athena illustrates the compromises necessary in the progression of thought. Greek god Zeus and the Titan Metis (cunning intelligence) were her parents. A prophesy had claimed that Metis would bear a goddess equal to Zeus in wisdom, so the god devoured his wife in an attempt to prevent the birth. But one day Zeus had a raging head ache and asked the craftsman god Hephaistos to split his head open with an axe. Hephaistos did so and Athene emerged, fully formed and armed, from her father’s head. True to the prophesy, Athene rivalled Zeus in wisdom and was symbolised by owl. Owl is considered wisest of all the birds.



This is similar to Lakshmi emerging from ocean after the churning of ocean. Lakshmi also has owl as her vehicle. Owl is derived from the Sanskrit word Uluka. Owl’s name is a suffix for poets and saints in Tamil and Sanskrit (Aanthai in Tamil, Kausika in Sanskrit).

This is to show that wisdom dawns upon in someone. We have such symbolic stories in Vedic literature.


When there was a referendum to select the representative Athens , Athene gave them the gift of Olive tree. Olive branch stands for pece. So the Athenians preferred her. This shows that peace is more important than other things for the progress and prosperity of a country. Rig Veda ends with hymn praying for Shanti/ Peace.


Or guide explained that Pericles was the father of democracy. But it is wrong. Rig Veda refers to Samiti and Sabha elected by people. English word committee was pronounced as samite at one time. Committee is derived from Samiti. Moreover, Valmiki Ramayana refers to Dasaratha’s consultation with the elders of the city before appointing Rama as his heir.

Greece had three Pre -historic civilizations: Mycenaean, Cycladic and Minoan.

Greek has three different types of columns/ Pillars.

Greeks like blue and white than other colours.

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