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A gentleman, considerably inexperienced in travel, had made a transcontinental touring trip. As he was about to disembark he was in some doubt as to what sum he should give the Pullman porter who had catered to him throughout most of the journey.

“Sam”, he asked, “What is the average tip you get?”

“Five dollars” replied Sam.

Whereupon he was presented with that sum.

Overcome and embarrassed, Sam shuffled his feet for a moment, and then said,

“Well, Boss, ah (I) reckon ah ought to tell you that so far you is de fust one what’s come up to the average.”



An old mountaineer was on his way to the town. He decided to use the new highway that had just been completed. Just as he was about to steer his horse onto the road, an automobile whizzed by. The old man had never before seen one of these new fangled machines. Open mouthed he stared after it. Scarcely a minute passed, came a motor cycle cop. The old man was astonished. Muttering to himself he said,

“Well, by gol! Who’da thunk that thing could have a colt?

(Colt= young male horse)



An old lady on a sinking ship was told that they had no other hope but trust in Providence.

“Has it come to that?” said she.



The poet, John Godfrey  Saxe, had his bag packed for a trip when a friend encountered him and asked,

“Where are you going?”

“To Boston, Deo Volente”

“What route is that?, his acquaintance asked.

“By way of Providence, of course”, replied Saxe.

Dictionary meaning:–

Deo volente

/ˌdeɪəʊ vɒˈlɛnteɪ/


  1. God willing; if nothing prevents it.

“she has signed the lease for the house—it will be for both of them, Deo volente”

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