Famous Yogi Explains Miracles- Part 2

Please read the First Part of this post before reading this. ‘Master’- in the post refers to Sri Paramahamsa Yogananda (1893-1952)

7. Can You See Future?

Master, I am conscious only of the present life. Why have I no recollection of previous incarnations and no foreknowledge of a future existence? A disciple inquired. Paramahamsaji replied:

“Life is like a great chain in the ocean of God. When a portion of the chain is pulled out of the waters you see only that small part. The beginning and the end are hidden. In this incarnation you are viewing only one link in the chain of life. The past and the future, though invisible, remain in the deeps of God. He reveals the secrets to devotees that are in tune with Him.”

8. Space and Time

Does Creation really go through a process of evolution? A disciple asked.

“Evolution is a suggestion of God in the human mind, and is true in the world of relativity. Actually everything is taking place in the present. In Spirit there is no evolution, as there is no change in the beam of light through which all the transient scenes of cinema pictures are manifested. The Lord can turn the motion picture of creation backward or forward, but everything is happening in an eternal now.”


9. Is There a Place Called Heaven?

“ I have never been able to believe in heaven, Master, a new student remarked. Is there truly such a place?”

“Yes”, Paramahamsaji replied. “Those who love God and who put their trust in Him go there when they die. On that astral plane, one has power to materialize anything immediately by sheer thought. The astral body is made up of simmering light. In those realms, colours and sounds exist that earth knows nothing about. It is a beautiful and enjoyable world, but even the experience of heaven is not the highest state. Man attains final beatitude when he overpasses the phenomenal spheres and realizes God, and Himself, as Absolute Spirit”.

10. What Happens After Death?

A group of disciples were walking with the Master on the lawn of the Encinitas hermitage (California,USA), which overlooks the ocean. It was very foggy and dark. Someone remarked, “How cold and gloomy it is!”.

“It is something like the atmosphere that envelopes a materialistic person t the time of death”, the Master said. “He slips from this world into what seems to be a heavy mist. Nothing is clear to him; and for a time he feels lost and afraid. Then, in accordance with his karma, he either goes on to a bright astral world to learn spiritual lessons, or sinks in to a stupor until the right karmic moment arrives for him to be reborn on earth. The consciousness of a devotee, one that loves God, is not disturbed by the transition from this world to the next. He effortlessly enters realm of light, love and joy.”

11. You are all STARS!

Looking at the stars while strolling one evening with a group of disciples, the Master said,” Each of you is comprised of many tiny stars—stars of atoms! If your life force were released from the ego, you would find yourself aware of the whole universe. When great devotees die, they feel their consciousness spreading over infinite space. It is a beautiful experience”.

(My comment: When great people die they become light and visible to other saints. Those who read lives of saints such as Seshadri Swamikal would have come across such anecdotes. In Mahabharata when Matali took Arjuna to alien world (Indraloka) in his chariot, Arjuna asked about stars. Matali replied that these were all the good souls. Patrick More, Royal Astronomer,UK, commented in his Sky at Night programmes on the BBC, that we were all once part of stars!)

12. When will God come to me?

“Why should God surrender himself easily to you”, The Master said during a lecture. “You who work hard for money and so little for divine realization! The Hindu saints tell us if we would give so short a time as twenty four hours to continuous, uninterrupted prayer, the Lord would appear before us or make Himself known to us in some way. If we devote even one hour daily to deep meditation on Him, in time He will come to us”.

“God chooses those who choose Him”.

“Why be upset because God hasn’t shown Himself to you? Think of the long time you ignored Him!

“As a small cup cannot be a receptacle for the vast waters of an ocean, so the limited human mind cannot contain universal consciousness. But when, by meditation, one continues to enlarge his mind he finally attains omniscience. He becomes united with the Divine Intelligence that permeates the atom of creation.”


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