Face is the Index of Mind


Great men think alike: Quotations on Mind

1.Manu on Examining witnesses
He shall discover the internal disposition of men by external sign:
by variation in their voice, colour and aspect,
as also by means of the eye and by gestures
–(Manava Dharma Shastra 8-25)

The inner mind is indicated by such variations as those of aspect, gait, gesture, speech and by changes in the eye and the face
–(Manava Dharma Shastra 8-26)

2.Face is the Index of Mind : English proverb

3. The mirror reflects nearby objects; even so the face indicates emotions throbbing in the mind (Tamil Tirukkural couplet 706)

4. The countenance is the portrait of the Soul—Cicero


From Panchatantra:-

5.The guilty man is terrified
By reason of his crime.
His pride is gone, his powers of speaking fail
His glances rove, his face is pale.

The sweat appears on his brow,
He stumbles on, he knows not how,
His face is pale, and all he utters
Is much distorted; for he stutters.
The culprit always may be found
To shake, and gaze upon the ground:
Observe the signs as best you can
And shrewdly pick the guilty man.

While on the other hand
The innocent is self reliant
His speech is clear, his glance defiant
His countenance is calm and free
His indignation makes his plea

–(Panchatantra 151- 158 The Tale of the Weaver’s Wife)

From Hindu Legends of Justice by L.Sternback

Halabedu statue: Lady looking at mirror.

In Tamil
1.அகத்தின் அழகு முகத்தில் தெரியும் (பழமொழி)
2.”அடுத்தது காட்டும் பளிங்குபோல் நெஞ்சம்
கடுத்தது காட்டும் முகம்” (திருக்குறள் 706)
பொருள்: கண்ணாடி, தன்னை அடுத்த பொருள்களைக் காட்டும்; அதுபோல ஒருவனுடைய உள்ளத்தில் உள்ளதை முகமே காட்டிவிடும்.

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