The True Friend Who Comes Along With You after Your Death

3 friends

Article No.1737; Date:- 21  March, 2015

Written by S Nagarajan

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BY Santhanam Nagarajan

I read an interesting story which I would like to share with the readers.

A person had three friends. But he felt more attracted towards the two and as to the third he did not bother much, was rather indifferent to him. Once he was in deep distress. He went to his first friend and told him, “I shall have to appear in a court in connection with a charge against me. I am in great difficulty. So you please help me and accompany me to the court?” The friend’s reply was very curt and straight. He said, “what to speak of a court, I can’t go with you a single step even.”

Thus disappointed by the friend this person felt very sad and approached his second friend and explained to him his distress and difficulty and requested him to accompany him to the court. And the second friend said, “You are in distress. Well, I shall only go along with you some distance. But I can’t help you going inside the court and assist you in the case.”

The person grew sadder and when he felt absolutely helpless he went to his third friend of whom he did not so long care to take notice. He spoke out to him about the distress he was in and everything about his friends. The third friend listened to him and not only went to the court along with him but cited such irrefutable proofs of his innocence as a witness in the court that the person was released.

The person then felt that the friend whom he had so long neglected had really rendered him the most sincere service at the time of his danger and distress.

And who are these three friends. Wealth, Relations and virtuous deeds. After death when a person goes to the next world his wealth (the first friend) will be of no avail. The second friend (Relations) will accompany the person only up to the burning ghat or burial ground. But the third friend is a real friend because he was a friend in need and was his savior.

Man’s only friend is his righteous deeds which alone follows him after death. Everything else perishes with his body when the man dies.

The Hindu scriptures emphasize on virtuous deeds. In order to merge with the Brahmam or Supreme Reality, Yoga Vasistha shows the way very simply.

In order to destroy the sins, associate with virtuous people and good deeds. By this, your mind will be purified.

Let the mind be led to the state of purity or righteousness through the study of scripture and by the association of virtuous people.

Three Musketeers

The scriptures or Shastras will teach you relating to the three classes of the objects of human life namely virtue, wealth and enjoyments.

The mind will be purified through the study of scripture and the application of repeated practice.
From the scriptures the knowledge of one’s own self flowing forth from the meanings of the great sayings contained therein, is obtained through one’s own experience, like the sweetness from the juice of the sugarcane.

Once the mind is purified, the Self or Supreme Reality will be realized through oneself through the power of Swabodha or one’s own enlightenment from those precepts.

The Yoga Vasishtha way is a simple way for salvation. The Hindu doctrines are so simple to follow.

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