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Date : 27  July 2014

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A story is told about Mrs Amos Pinchot who dreamed one night that she had written a poem more beautiful and more fundamentally profound than any ever written before. She had awaked in one of those semi-trance like states in the middle of the night; fumbled for a pencil at her bedside table and written it down.

When she finally awoke in the morning, she had at first forgotten the matter. Suddenly all came back to her as she saw the scrawl on the table beside her. She picked it up to see the master piece that she had written in her semi-conscious state. It was:

“Hogamus Higamus

Men are Polygamous

Higamus Hogamus

Women Monogamous.


lincoln india

Lincoln’s Dream

Abraham Lincoln once dreamed he was in some great assembly, and the people drew back to let him pass, whereupon he heard someone say, “He is a common looking fellow.”

In his dream Lincoln turned to the man and said, “Friend the Lord prefers common looking people; that is the reason why he made so many of them.”





Soon after Sir William Johnson had been appointed superintendent of Indian affairs in America he wrote to England for some suits of clothes richly laced. When they arrived Hendrick, King of Mohawk nation, was present and particularly admired them. In a few succeeding days Hendrick called on Sir William and acquainted him that he had a dream. On Sir William’s enquiring what it was, he told him that he had dreamed that he had given him one of those fine suits he had lately received. Sir William took the hint and immediately presented him with one of the richest suits. The Indian chief, highly pleased with the generosity of Sir William, retired.

Sometime after this, Sir William happening to be in company with Hendrick, told him that he had also had a dream. Hendrick being very solicitous to know what it was, Sir William informed him, that he had dreamed that he (Hendrick) had made him a present of a particular tract of land (the most valuable on the Mohawk River) of about 5000 acres. Hendrick presented him with the land immediately, remarking shrewdly, “Now Sir William, I will never dream with you again. You dream too hard for me.”

american indianmohack indian


Three Rats Dream

A German prince in a dream saw three rats, one fat, another lean, and a third blind. He sent for a learned Bohemian gypsy to interpret the dream.

“The fat rat”, she answered, “is your prime minister, the lean rat is your people, and the blind rat is yourself.”



Stories appeared in Dream!

Stevenson’s prose tales often came to him as dreams. “In the small hours one morning, : writes his wife, “I was awakened by cries of horror from Louis thinking that he had a nightmare I awakened him. He said angrily, “why did you awaken me? I was dreaming a fine bogey tale”.

This was “Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde.”



Definition of Dream

A very small boy spoke at the breakfast table about a dream he had had the night before. “Johnny”, asked his mother, “do you know what dreams are?”

“Sure”, he said, “moving pictures that you see when you are asleep.”

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