Vallabhacharya and Python!


Article No. 2077

Written by London swaminathan

Date : 16  August  2015

Time uploaded in London :–  19-05


One day Sri Vallabhacarya was going through a forest with his disciple Damodara dasar. When he saw a cruel scene, he stopped there suddenly. There was a dying python unable to move. Thousands of ants were biting it and the python was wriggling in pain. Valabha and Damodara shed tears for the dying creature.

Vallabha breathed heavily and then took some water from his pot and sprinkled it on the python. It died immediately. He prayed for its liberation and then the ants left the body of the python. Both Vallabha and Damodara continued their journey through the jungle.

Still Vallabha looked deeply worried and then Damodara asked him humbly, “Guruji, still you look upset. Has anything gone wrong?”

python malay

Vallabha said to him, “This python was a Mahant (Chief priest) in the temple at Brindhavan in its previous birth. A lot of his devotees donated money for several good causes. But this priest swindled all the money and spent for himself and died. In this birth he was reborn as a python and the ants were the devotees who gave money to him. Now they took revenge upon him. I was thinking about the Mahant who went astray. The thoughts are still in my mind. That is why I am upset.”

Immediately his disciple Damodara asked, “Guruji, how must a perfect Guru should act in such circumstances? Vallabha replied that a Guru should worship God every day without ego, anger and desire. One who has realised God is a perfect Guru.”

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