Story of a Persian Parrot! When your Ego dies, You are Free!


Article No. 2100

Compiled by London swaminathan
Date : 26 August  2015
Time uploaded in London :–  22-12

In Kashmir there was a big merchant who was dealing in all kinds of goods made in Persia. Every year he would go to Persia with some merchandise for sale and return with goods purchased in that distant land for sale in his country. This was going on for several years. On one occasion he saw a beautiful talking parrot for sale in a shop in Persia. He bought the parrot and brought it to Kashmir and hung its cage in a prominent place in his house. The parrot talked like a human being and was very much loved by its master and his family.

Once it so happened that the merchant fell ill at the time of his usual annual visit to Persia for business. So he asked his secretary, who was a trust worthy man, to go to Persia on his behalf and transact business.


On the day of secretary’s starting on the journey, the parrot coming to know that he was to go to Persia in place of his master, called him and said  “since you are going to my native place will you do me a favour?  You know I am imprisoned in a cage and denied the joy of flying about freely and cheerfully. Kindly go to the big forest lying into the east of the town which you are going to visit. On the trees of this forest are living my relations and friends. You have to report to them about my miserable condition in Kashmir, as I am imprisoned in a cage and living far off from them. Then you had to ask them on my behalf what means should I employ in order to get free from the cage. Whatever answer you receive from them, please report it to me on your return”.

Accordingly after the business in Persia was over, the secretary turned towards the forest as directed by the parrot and looking up at the trees found hundreds of parrots flying from branch to branch in those trees.  The secretary then spoke to the parrots placing before them the question raised by their brother parrot living in a cage in Kashmir. He asked the question three or four times but got no reply. He waited for some time and was about to turn away in disappointment. Just then he saw an old parrot drop down to the ground apparently dead. Of course the secretary did not attach any importance to this as he thought the parrot must have died of old age.

parrot group

In due course the secretary returned to Kashmir and presenting himself before his master , reported about hi business transactions in Persia . Before going home the secretary was called by the parrot to ascertain the result of his enquiry with its friends and relatives in Persia. The secretary said the he had carried out the instructions of the parrot as suggested but in spite of his repeated questionings he got no response. But a strange thing happened, namely, an old parrot fell down from the tree dead. This may be due to some sudden attack of some illness or old age, and there may be nothing strange about the occurrence

As soon as the parrot heard the secretary’s story, it fell down from its perch on to the floor of the cage and stretching out its wings and legs lay as though dead. The secretary thought that the parrot must have had a stroke which caused its sudden death. He conveyed the sad news immediately to his master. The master came and noticed the prostate condition of the parrot without any sign of life. He called a servant and asked him to take the dead parrot out of the cage and throw it somewhere far away from the house. The servant ,as ordered too the dead parrot out and going some distance, threw it on a heap of debris in a pit. The moment the parrot touched the ground it got up and flew away.

This story teaches us the lesson that the soul can achieve freedom only when its ego-sense is dead.


From Stories as told by Swami Ramdas

Pictures are taken from Wikipedia and other sites;thanks.

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