Funny Ghost Story from Indian Villagers!


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Compiled  by London swaminathan
Date : 30 August  2015
Time uploaded in London :– 20-22

We always read about bad husbands beating their wives. But in all parts of the world there are bad wives who torture their husbands as well. We know the suffering of Socrates at the hands of his wife. His famous quote is: if you want to become a philosopher, marry a bad woman.” That was a true story. Here is a funny ghost and a bad wife story from Indian villagers.

In a village there was a poor Brahmin who was beaten by his wife every day. He also accepted the torture like a ritual. One day he got fed up with his wife’s treatment and decided to go out for ten days. He told his wife, “Look, My darling! I have an important business in the neighbour town. I am leaving today. I will be back after ten days”. Immediately she told him, “Every day I used to beat you with broomstick asking for money. Now who do I beat with the broomstick. I can’t eat without doing that.”

He told her, “Don’t worry about it. I have already trained the tamarind tree in the back garden. It will take all your beatings. You can do it without any hesitation.”


She also did it for ten days. The ghost that occupied the tamarind tree was suffering for ten days. The Brahmin returned after ten days and she took him to the Tamarind tree and showed what she did for ten days. As soon as she left the place, the ghost in the tree called the Brahmin and told him that he could help him to get out of poverty and his wife’s cruelty. It told him that it would go to the palace and possess the king’s wife. It promised him to leave her only when he came and do some exorcism. The Brahmin also agreed to it.

When the queen was possessed with the ghost the king called the famous exorcists in the country and in spite of that the ghost did not leave her. Then the Brahmin approached the king and told him that he could easily drive away the ghost. As soon as the ghost saw the Brahmin, it left the queen according to the original plan. The king amply rewarded the Brahmin. He became very rich overnight. But the ghost warned the Brahmin that he should not help anyone this way any more.

After leaving the queen the ghost went and took over the control of minister’s wife. Immediately the king sent a word for the Brahmin. In spite of the warning of the ghost, he boldly went to cure the minister’s wife. The ghost reminded him of its warning. But the clever Brahmin told that he was not ready to do that job. But his wife only drove him out of the house to do the job. The moment the Brahmin told about his wife, the ghost started shivering and shaking. It asked the Brahmin where his wife was. The Brahmin told the ghost that she was just near the door of the minister’s house. The ghost ran away in a fraction of a second. Once again the king gave him more money and provided him security. His wife could not beat him any more!

Wife Beating Husband

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  1. Do you think Aryans were indigenous at the time of harappan?Aryan -Dravida war is ancient and present during harappan period

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