Short story: Teachers’ Profession- A Noble Profession


Written  by London swaminathan

Date: 31 October 2015.

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Swami Ramtirth was born of poor parents. He suffered great hardships in order to go to college. He had often to forego food and clothes so that with the money thus save he might be able to afford oil for his earthen study lamp.

But Swami Ramtirth was so intelligent that the Principal of the Government College, Lahore, where he was studying, once thought of sending up his name for Civil Service Examination. However, when he heard of this, he went up to the Principal and said to him in all humility, “Sir, I have been working hard not in order that I may sell the harvest (knowledge), which I shall soon reap, but to share it with others. I therefore, prefer to be an ordinary teacher to being a high official.

Ancient  Academy

In one of the ancient academies the students had a three years’ course. In the first year they were called the wise men.

In the second year they were called philosophers – those whowished to be wise men.

In the third year they were called disciples, learners.


Gurur Brahma, Gurur Vishnu Gurur Devo Maheswara:

India is the only country in the world where the teacher was elevated to the status of God. He was considered the Creator, Preserver and Destroyer (of ignorance). He is placed next to Mother and father in the order paying respect: Mata, Pita, Guru/Teacher, Deivam. Even God comes next to him. Dr Radhakrishnan’s Birth Day Fifth September (who became President of India later) is celebrated as Teachers day every year.

Taittiriya Upansishad says,

Acharya Devo Bhava, meaning, ‘Consider the Teacher your God’.

If a student commits any mistake or sin, that is taken by the Guru.

Kalidasa says,

Question not the preceptor’s precepts in Raghuvamsa (14-46)

Aanjaa guruunaam hyavcaaraniiyaa


The concept of teacher is very unique to Hindu culture. At the end of 12 to 14 year study at Guru’s place they have to pay a fee. There are lot of stories about this Guru Dakshina (fee). Drona asked Ekalavya fis thumb, because he learnt secretly hiding behind trees what is meant to be for only Royals. Arjuna fought with Drupada, King of Punjab, and brought him as a prisoner and submitted him as Gurudakshina. There are several stories in Hindu Books where strange Guru dakshninas were given to their Gurus.

Vyasa occupied the highest position among Hindu Gurus and so his day was chosen as the day for Guru Puja. Every year, students go to their teachers’ houses and pay respects on Vyasa Purnima. Without him, Hinduism would not have survived. He laid such a strong foundation by compiling the Vedas, Epics and Puranas.


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